That is a long pencil.

Gregge hasn't come back yet.

I was absent from school yesterday.

These are the girls!


I live in the United States.

I wonder if Ranjit would mind babysitting our kids tomorrow night.

I can't stop my nosebleed.

It's been a great week.

New people, new laws.

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Susumu will come later.

I didn't want to humiliate her.

I expect to be very successful in my studies.


I put my gloves on inside out by mistake.

I have been afraid of dentists my whole life.

It's a good thing I didn't buy that car.

Sjouke can't hold down a job. He's always getting fired.

Many ways lead to Rome.


We can talk this through.

That was a complete waste of time.

Am I going the right way?

The issue split the party.

I'm definitely not going back there.

Have you reported the theft to the police?

Would you rather read a novel or watch a movie?

Think wondered what Randolph would say John.

It will take a while to go away.


"Yes, all right," says Mrs. Lee.

Marla may talk.

The bat was stolen yesterday, along with the balls.

In the play she doubled the parts of a maid and shop girl.

She was dreaming of starting a family.

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I can relate to that.

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I'm very tired from work.

Jane is very content with her job and has no desire to quit it.

Elisabeth didn't know Carsten had a boyfriend.


Put it back where it was.

He ran at the sight of the policeman.

I cannot help laughing at her jokes.

Is everybody happy?

I couldn't convince Alejandro lend me the money I needed.

It is very hard to get rid of cockroaches from our house.

The fire brigade prevented a fire.


I saw you with Spike last Monday.

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Malloy was arrested in October.


Do you know anything about that?

Tim showed Marvin a picture of John.

Add a little more pepper.

Keep your hand still.

Everyone loves you.

Where a painting's general sense seems clear, moreover, the exact decoding of its content remains in doubt.

We need a little more time.

I wish Alberto hadn't told Pria.

The drive to the lake was very exciting.

It is the students' duty to clean their classrooms.

He doesn't seem to want to get ahead.

I've had too much to drink.

They have many questions.

Humans aren't the only animals that use tools.

The garden was full of beautiful yellow flowers.

The food supplies will not hold out till then.

Could I place this here?

I was very nervous as the plane took off.

Clem was the one who broke the windshield of Penny's car.

A mother's advice would outweigh a friend's.

Please change this to dollars.

Does anybody here know how this thing works?

If it's all the same to you, I think I'll give it a miss.

I still can't see why Mehrdad would want to go.

Vince was discouraged.


Nothing is worse than war.

Wendi has a meeting tomorrow.

I did my homework after I took a nap.

I had my money stolen in the park.

To know one's self is to be free.

Dominic is OK now, isn't he?

Brodie is good at mathematics.

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Your best teacher is your last mistake.

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I may be able to find her.

I think I know why you're here.

We were in the third row from the front.


Maybe that's the real problem.


I'd never steal anything from you.


He hates his neighbour.


When I pay all my debts, I'll have no money left.


The airliner didn't have a cockpit voice recorder.

I can see what you mean.

It's obvious that Graham lied.

I think that's pretty obvious.

I told you his name was Terrence, didn't I?

Living near the school, I usually walk there.

I'm not armed.

I had some custard pudding for an afternoon snack.

It's a pleasure to meet you all.


I shouldn't drink.

I did that once.

She got to the other side in 10 minutes.

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I'm only reading the scraps on news on the Internet, but, well, I get the general picture.


Ozan enjoys playing the flute.

Kyung was only trying to help me.

Europe is an old continent with a long, rich history.

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My appointment is in thirty minutes.

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Do you know why I'm here?


Stan doesn't know what kind of person Luke is.

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Who's watching the kids?

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They let me do whatever I wanted.

I can't do without your advice.

We must finish this job tonight.

Anyway, I'll take a chance.

The engine stopped while it was idling.


They not only washed off the sweat, dirt and cares of the day in the hot water, but also enjoyed gossiping about everyday affairs.

What I want is to move on.

Your name has been dropped from the list.


Those cats are liked by her.

Andre spent three years in a prison camp.

I need a musical instrument.

I'd like to rent a compact car.

I advanced the hands on the clock.

Siegurd talks about Dustin almost all the time.

Hans needs us to help him.


Carl seems to have changed his mind about staying.

Who's the strongest kid?

I'm still trying to a hold of Spyros.

We have fruit.

I didn't get much.

The family was informed of the child's death.

Cretans always lie.


What did I win?


Happy holidays!

You know Ning doesn't trust you.

Once in a while, I visit the theater.

All of them have independent means.

I killed them.

They love chili.

Vassos was an agreeable girl.

I shouldn't gossip.

How much candy have you had?


"He did right," the colonel nodded.

I can hear perfectly well.

Normally speaking, Chinese people consider rice to be an important food; the majority of Westerners consider fast food to be an important food.


I need to buy a gift for them.

She is opening the window.

Beavers may be considered as the busiest mammals on Earth.

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Margot has always been good to me.

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This room is very stuffy.

I play a lot with my cousins, nieces and nephews.

From time to time, they went shopping together.

Where is the Internal Medicine Department?

It's not likely Fay will be there tonight.

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Rogue read a book all morning.

Dinner is ready to eat.

They say that eating more slowly is one way to eat less.

This metal absolutely must be tempered.

She sat side by side with me.

Where does he practice law?

Some people bring sadness... Have you ever hated yourself for loving someone? Don't hate yourself, because the fault is not love's but of the people who didn't care for you.

Some non-native speakers think they speak the language better than native speakers.

Space heard Lindsey call for help.

Hilda is in Boston.

Don't hesitate to ask for advice.


My teacher taught me that you can take the square root of a negative number.

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He was such a natural when it came to ad libbing.