We work together to guide you on the journey through new digital landscapes, integrating processes, services, and solutions into your business. We focus on delivering outcomes that fit your goals, and we stay with you every step of the way.

What services do we offer?


Web Design & Development
Hosting Solutions & Consultation
Search Engine Optimization
Web & Mobile App Solutions
Network Design & Installation

Branding & Marketing

Content Strategy and Production
Social Media Curation
Digital Media Development
Investor Pitches and Materials
Brand Engagement Strategies

Digital Strategy

Process Improvement
Go-to-market Strategies
Product Development Support
Data Services

HR & Compliance

Various Employee Programs Implementation
HR Compliance
Payroll Support
Company Culture Strategies
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Who do we work with?

Established Companies

From helping you build your brand or company with technology consulting and HR compliance, to building websites and providing design and photography services for your established business, Infinite Content adds value no matter your size.

who we work with
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What's the process?

We identify your needs.
We work as your consultants. From focusing on broader industry changes, to detailing how your business operates, and then drilling down into your vision and roadmap to execution, we take a measured approach to building a plan together.
We collaborate to focus on your outcomes.
As we uncover and refine the journey that makes sense for you and your business, we establish a close working relationship with a clear focus on transparency and innovation.
We build with a clear goal in mind.
Using only the most modern and secure technologies, we build our solutions or processes to meet your exact needs; we keep our collaboration strong to ensure all artifacts we produce meet your expectations, and use these as our guides to deliver.
We deliver, but the relationship doesn't end there.
With continuing service options individually tailored to meet your needs, take comfort in knowing you're never alone in the process of growing your business. As your consultant, we pride ourselves in ensuring that what we deliver has value for years to come.
You see results on your investment.
Through our close working relationship and focus on the end goals, we measure our success by your success. Whether you're looking for a specific return on investment, time to payback, or other KPI, our results-oriented team use your vision as our North Star

Why Infinite Content?

We're experts in our fields.

With our collective backgrounds and knowledge of a broad range of industries, we help identify the wider trends affecting you and your business. We translate these changes into tangible solutions to address rapidly changing landscapes.

Our services are tailored to you.

You know your business best. We're here to support by bringing an agile process not only to what we build, but in the way we work with you. Regular touch-points and instant access to our team ensures that what's delivered meets your expectations.

We build a custom journey.

We think big, start small, and scale fast. Together we establish a vision and take a step-wise approach to making that vision tangible. With specific milestones and measurements of success, we take an analytical approach to achieving your goals.

We're constantly innovating.

Industries have changed more in the last five years than they had in the previous century. Always using modern technology and design techniques ensures that everything we develop is future-proof, highly secure, and ready to scale.

Who is on our team?

With a diverse team leveraging cross-industry expertise, cultures, and technologies, our team has the expertise to relate to you and your business.

Sofia Burton
Branding, Marketing & Culture

Sofia has a varied background with over 8 years in marketing, graphic design, and human resources expertise and is aPHR™ certified. She leverages this unique skillset in delivering the holistic design and process experience our customers expect.

Thomas Martin
Web Services

With more than 12 years in front-end development, network security, and technical integration experience, Thomas brings knowledge and execution in deploying solutions to the finance and digital media industries using cutting edge technology.

Matt Burton
Digital Strategy

Matt holds an MS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Central Florida. He brings more than 10 years of engineering and consulting experience in the energy and IIOT industries to the forefront of our engagements.

What do our clients think?

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