Muslims believe only in Allah as the unique God, and in Mohammad as the last prophet.

This compass will be useful on your trip.


He died and his soul went to hell.

I'm waiting for the right man.

Sergio didn't want to stay.


She put the rubbish out.

One of your boobs fell down.

She's not breaking the law.

I like it in here.

We've been helping them.


Just out of curiosity, did you have really have any fun?

There was nothing I could do.

Manolis couldn't decide what to eat.

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Dial 110 at once.

Cary saw the tears in Tai's eyes.

Johann didn't have time to finish his report.

I don't believe Israel is the killer.

Do you really want to help?

I don't fully remember his name.

The hammer and sickle symbolizes communism.


He made great efforts to succeed in life.

In the collision with a Volvo, our car naturally got the worst of it.

Living with him isn't easy.

This is hopeless.

I need a hammer.

How can we save the earth?

She carried the news to me.

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He arrived at the station at seven.

It's been a great year.

I like to be surprised.

I can't leave you here alone.

I'm still trying to a hold of Kate.


Please come. I'm anxious to see you.

You need to shut your pie hole.

Children have too many toys today.

He came to meet me yesterday afternoon.

Some people are never satisfied with what they have.

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Does Bret like school?

She met him for breakfast.

It will be raining in the forest.

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Can you order a green tea popsicle and two Tigertail ice creams?

It looks like Nadeem isn't interested in that.

Polly doesn't drive as fast as Maurice.

The river is fifty yards across.

We just saw him.

I expect you all to do your best.

She likes cake a whole lot.

I know what you did wasn't intentional.

I wanted to sunbathe.

Some other boys came along.

On no condition has he permission to touch it.

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Lex, Vidhyanath, John and Alice were sitting around the table, playing cards.


For Hawking, writing this book was not easy.

You will get the right to choose.

Richard wouldn't tell Sedat how to do it.

How could I hate her?

We have vast amounts of unused information.

There is an urgent need for peace talks.

I was worried you wouldn't come.


It's extremely important that we speak to Kerri.


He ran toward me as fast as he could.

Why is this only in French?

I wonder what he actually thinks.

We're all the same according to law.

We had a terrible fight.

Due to the reason that I described above, I arrived at a different decision.

You're a friend of Bjorne's, eh?

We're to blame.

My uncle lives in New York City.

Reinhard is stubborn.

He was delighted to see you.


I shouldn't have taken it.

He missed the train by one minute.

If you take care of the small things, the big things will take care of themselves.

He has taken to drinking recently.

What are they selling?


I really hope not.

It's easy to catch a cold.

He was a much better general than politician.

He borrowed some money from his father as a last resort.

There's no air in this room.

Charley drives faster than Deborah.

Your ignorance is astonishing.

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I've never gone swimming with Donnie.


He ran away at the sight of a policeman.


It's just you and me now.


Which city is the nearest to Barcelona?

I come from Saitama.

Gynaecology is the medical practice dealing with the health of the ovaries, uterus, vagina, and breasts.

Give Sally a dollar.

My coffee addiction's back in full force.

Be quiet for a moment.

Kimmo told me why he didn't want to go.

What is an open folder?

Can you understand?

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Wait at the entrance to this building.

Tareq gave us a lift in his truck.

Now you listen to me.


He is unable to buy a car.

I went over to where Turkeer was.

Lynne is always quoting some famous person.

Please take me across the river.

Why don't you take the cat out with you?

This slight improvement has to be set against an enormous increase in crime.

The eloquent scholar readily participated in the debate.


I suggest you do it right away.

I'd rather stay home than go out.

Mexico has half as many people as Japan.

Why don't you help her out?

All the days went by, one like another.

She applied for a job at the company that had not only bribed local officials but also caused huge problems for her own family.

Vince loaded the cars onto the ferryboat.

I have to study for the test.

I didn't say I'd forgotten.

Calvin predicted Dorothy would win.

Sean is obviously uncomfortable.


The mother missed her daughter who was away at college.

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You might want to talk to them.

What makes the earth spin?

I tried to imagine life on the moon.

There are two zeros in the number "2010."

Did you bother to read it?

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This isn't really anything new.

Should we send peacekeepers into the United States, where gun use is out of control?

Their lips interlocked in a long kiss.

There are four schools in this town.

The traffic jam caused me to be late for the meeting.

If you ironed Switzerland, it would be bigger than Germany.

He's been away for six months.

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After I graduated from college, I got a job with my father's company.

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You cannot separate the milk from the coffee once you put it in.

They're back from China.

We always associate snow with skiing.

I'm not taking the job.

We're not really asking for money.


Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942 in Oxford, England.

I am no longer tired.

I haven't seen them since.

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Go get your car.

You seem like a very intelligent person.

Who is the man standing in front of the building?


Spock and Johann have three sons and a daughter.


Raanan has been calling me regularly every evening.

Do the trains run on diesel oil?

Loren was Suu's friend.

The ideals he's touting in this election go against everything I hold most dear.

Would you like more wine?


I don't have time to sleep.

Listen and you might learn something.

Can you do it or can't you?

I should've gotten that promotion.

I was told Panzer was dead.

I think that's up to Vic, isn't it?

Lea recommended the novel to them.

I know this area pretty well.

She was awkward and reserved at parties.

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I'm doing my homework now.

I don't understand this diagram.

I wish you could be here with me.


The boy is tall for his age.

I heard her speak English fluently.

Remember what we talked about last night?

Apartments are very expensive in New York.

You have to protect your family.

I saw you give it to him.

Stop talking to me.