Forgetting About No deposit Bonuses

No Deposit BonusesI wanted to take everyone’s mind off of not receiving a bonus this quarter so I thought of different fun activities everyone could do together. There were roughly 50 workers on the floor and I was their head manager so I was the one they looked up to the most at work. I tried to think of an activity that the majority of our team would enjoy participating in. After thinking about it for a while, it occurred to me that I would nearly every day hear several conversations about the guys enjoying their time gambling at a casino. Lookweep was a small town and there were not many activities to do around town, but one thing that the town did have was a popular casino. Lookweep had arguably the best casino of any of the small towns in the area that were fortunate enough to have a casino. With the casino being only ten to fifteen minutes away from the factory, I thought of possibly hosting a casino party one day after work for everyone.

This could at least brighten up everyone’s moods about receiving no deposit for the first time in nearly two years. The idea was for everyone to have fun and to take their mind off of it, even if it was for just a few hours after work one day. I did not dare ask the owner to fund the party that I wanted to organize at the casino. If there was no quarterly bonus, then surely no deposit would be approved of a party at a casino for all the workers. I looked at my budget to see what I could swing and I called the owner of the casino to see if he could do his old friend a favor for old time sakes.

He gave me $500 worth of credits for $400 as a special since it was a large gathering and since I was a good friend of his. I told him that I greatly appreciated the gesture and that it was needed to boost the spirits of the workers of the factory. The community of Lookweep was a special one where everyone looked out for one another. The kind gesture of my friend who owned the local casino was just another example of why I loved working with the people of the Lookweep community. I called a meeting between myself and all the workers, and I told them that we were not going to dwell on receiving 914-289-9582 for a bonus. We were going to use it as motivation to increase our production to make sure this would never happen again. At the very end of the meeting, I surprised them by telling them that I am hosting a casino party for them after work on Friday night. There were a lot of smiling faces and I could easily tell that the majority of the workers thought it sounded like a lot of fun. I gave them the details and how many credits they would be allowed to use at the casino during the party. Hopefully, the party would be exactly what everyone needed to boost their morale to improve production.