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Coaching For Kids


We love sport so much that we want every child and young person to play sport and enjoy it as much as we do. So we provide professional coaching services across a wide variety of sports to children and young people.

We are guided by
three principles:


We recognise that only activities that are fun will encourage children and young people to keep participating in physical activity: We make sure all our activities are fun.


Our coaching is of the highest quality: we are fully qualified coaches and experts in planning and running a wide range of activities.

Positive Mentoring:

We believe in the power of positive mentoring: our consistent, expert and individual attention encourages children and young people to choose healthy, active and positive lifestyles

We are looking forward to helping many young people to achieve their potential.

Our services are recommended by parents, schools and sports academies



What We Do

We offer coaching over a range of sports activities for children and young people. We enjoy introducing the very young to the benefits and fun of sport, so we start
from age 4.

Here are the sports that we offer:

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  • Cricket
  • Fitness
  • Football
  • Mini-golf
  • Multi-Sport
  • Tag-Rugby
  • Tennis

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"About Sports have been an invaluable asset in training and coaching the District boys both individually and as a unit. Their application, technical skills & tenacity has ensured that they are one of the leading top-performing coaches in Surrey and has contributed tremendously to the success and development of the team."

"All my Outer London District boys have tremendous respect for Brian as a person and as a coach"

"Brian's key asset is to ensure that the individual coaching sessions are customized according to the pupil's requirements. Brian bases his training on assessing each pupils skill set, mental application and thereby maximizing individual performance"

"Brian is very strong at bringing the best out of the team by guiding as opposed to telling the pupils what to do".

Faisal Ahmed
Surrey Outer London District U12 Manager

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care