Bernard followed Masanobu into the room.

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The flash wasn't working, so he couldn't take a picture in the dark.

The balloon will burst.

They elected him chairman.

Let's go see if Stacey can help us.

Is not there anything you want to tell me?


My sister has three times as many books as I do.

We want you to go home.

It's alright. This injection won't hurt. It will just prick a little.

You were a good boy.

I still have things stored in Sedat's garage.


I want to tell you the story.


The young man knows little of his own country.

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Everyone here knows you don't eat pork.

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I want you out of here right now.

I know how we can have some fun.

Woody needed to jump start his car.

Do you love me just because I have black hair?

It is easy to add numbers using a calculator.

He wants meat.

I'm not used to drinking water from the tap.

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Who did Confucius teach?


Roger did warn Gregor.


He is but a child.


We could've escaped.

Two's company, three's a crowd.

Lenny took a drink and then offered the bottle to Hilda.

You frightened them.

Is there any discount on fares for more than one trip.

I wasn't going to buy anything.

Rhonda isn't likely to notice the difference.

Frederic didn't notice that the front door was open.

We roared with laughter.

gradual changes take place in our city every year

Today is Friday. The weekend starts already tomorrow!

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Each wood has its smoke.


Svante doesn't like being made a fool of.

We want to talk with him.

I'm asking what you think.

Many would jump at the chance to live in New York.

That tasted a lot like chicken.


Mankind walked on the Moon.

Let me say goodbye to Guillermo.

I want him fired.

Sriram is doing it the right way.

Thank you for setting the record straight.

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Let's be serious.

Matti wants someone to love him.

Jane installed a surveillance camera.

She's deep in debt.

We were all ears when he started to tell us his secret.

Dana is a client.

I realized that even though I wanted to eat, I didn't have enough time.


That's kind of important.

And then he started kissing me again.

Reinhard seems to be getting nervous.

Remember to buy all of the medicine.

I see the girl.

She took the trouble to meet her friend at the airport.

She has been dead five years.


A question is an answer.

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Birds, for instance, have a special protective device.

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But this claim is emphatically not the one that Dennett is making.


Without knowing the original language of the holy writings, how can you rely on your interpretations about them?

He has the same school qualifications as I have.

She refused to put up with her boisterous nephews anymore.


In the room, it is dark.

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Huey is a lot like you in many ways.

It was a warm summer night.

They cheered for their sports teams.

Smoking is harmful for your health.

I'll turn over a new leaf and study English very hard.

We think you should come in.

Is this car new?

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I thought you said you couldn't afford a truck.


Don't act like a bull in a china shop.

Sergiu and Ralph switched places.

He is teaching Spanish to the children.

It's as much an art as a science.

The meaning of the 'dollar peg' is "stick with the strong countries."


I don't understand art.


No matter what happens, I'll stand by you.

We don't want to ignore facts.

Lead us from darkness to light.


Please allow me to say a few words on this occasion.

In English there is a choice between closed and open punctuation; in the former, the writer uses all punctuation that can legitimately be used, whereas in the latter the writer leaves out all punctuation that can be left out without creating ambiguity.

"Can I get a Coke?" "Is Pepsi okay?"

Just get down here.

I'm not here to arrest you.

He ordered a chop suey.

I got to know Alejandro when I was a university student.

In Russia, as elsewhere in the world, folklore is rapidly scattering before the practical spirit of modern progress. The traveling peasant bard or story teller, and the devoted "nyanya", the beloved nurse of many a generation, are rapidly dying out, and with them the tales and legends, the last echoes of the nation's early joys and sufferings, hopes and fears, are passing away.

The moment I saw him, I knew he was angry.


I exchanged seats with Ranjit.


I want a piece of wood to make a marionette. Will you give it to me?

After Stephan's death, Julie was in deep mourning.

Rudolph couldn't get to the ski area because the roads were closed.

Is perfection boring?

Everything is in good order.

Frank cheated on his history test.

This class consists of 15 boys and 28 girls.


I asked Tigger to wait for a few more minutes.

Vishal isn't welcome here.

You dragged me into this!

Today is not my day.

The people in Boston are great.

Will you talk to him?

Let's meet Srivatsan at the station.

Cats show emotional habits parallel to those of their owners.

To be honest, I don't know.


He leaned against the wall.


Of the three girls, Emi was the one who danced most beautifully.

You have to be prepared.

The students are sitting in a circle.


Raghu called me a stupid jerk.

What seats do you want?

Do you three work together?


We lack wings, but we still have enough strength to fall.

Courtney looked down at his broken leg.

I'm going to get my own way this time.

Bring him home.

We love Herb.

I need to meet more Peruvian friends.

I don't think it would be wise to do that.


They say the forties are the dangerous ages.

We're done now.

I'm not sulking.

He can understand everything they are saying.

Olson doesn't have time for that.

Excuse me, but do you mind if I ask your name?

This room is very small, so it is impossible to put more furniture in it.

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He is a diligent student, as students go.

It is the flight from Recife.

Donovan was shot and killed.

During prohibition days, racketeers used to rub each other out to get control of the rum-running racket.

When the articles of incorporation are complete it is essential to go to the notary public's office to undertake certification of the articles drawn up.

I'm extremely happy.

These adjectives are all positive.

Oh? You can type without looking at the keyboard. That's cool!

She might know that we are here.

You don't have to come up with an unusual topic for your speech.

I really need some tequila!

This is quite contrary to what I want.

Evelyn built a massive business empire in the United States.

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Would you lend me your pencil?

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What're you all doing in the library?

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Are you sure you don't want to think about it until tomorrow?

When did you start wearing glasses?

I don't have time to play games.

Marla seemed anxious.

The men cried for help.

Fate shuffles the cards and we play.

Is Spyros any better today?


Wade wanted Michiel to help him.

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You should study in an efficient manner.


She made him rich.

It is bad of me to have kept you waiting so long.

I thought it would be best if you told Toerless yourself.