There are no dinosaurs or mammoths to be found now.

I love to learn new things.

I stopped one.


Could you please autograph this book?


The ship took on additional passengers.

The soup's very hot.

He is considered one of the greatest scientists in our country.

I need more information on this matter.

An old worker was found repairing machinery in the workshop.

I was in excellent spirits.

Novorolsky and Gypsy are having an argument.

He was as drunk as a lord.

I think Jarvis is vain.

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I'm going to show Edgar how to do it.

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Your dad is really cool.

It's easier to teach children than adults.

I couldn't make her out at all.

I think this medicine will do you good.

I'd appreciate it if you would help me this evening.

I gave Jesus everything he asked for.

You must be disappointed.


Up to 60% of Imogen of the Internet's nonverbal social cues are snarky hashtags.

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Sedovic wondered how deep the river was.


I like to listen to music.

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Most people don't have researched, well-thought-out positions regarding economic policy. They have opinions based on feelings.

He probably got tired of waiting and fell asleep.

There is little wine left in the bottle.

She is quite satisfied with her new job.

I myself have never seen a UFO.

He lived there by himself.

Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?

You got that one going in a good direction.

I don't know where to put this.

In my experience, it takes one year to learn French grammar.

I asked Jun if he knew anybody who taught swimming.

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If only I knew the answer now!

Don't let him fall.

There's no stopping her.

Lunch is ready!

Do you know what time it is in Boston?

Let us tell you everything we know.

Did you shoot them?

Can I go, too?

Did you understand Valerie?

Where did you meet Jones?

It's obvious that you are an intelligent boy.

He was sitting with his arms folded.

I am going to bark like a dog.

Where is everybody now?

It happened naturally.

I am in financial difficulties.

We have lots of other things to drink.

Why can't we go and see her?

They did not agree with all of Oglethorpe's ideas.

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Brodie asked me about my job.

The doctor gave him a sedative.

She gets herself worked up over every little thing.

It's easy money.

The key to cooking good food is using high-quality, fresh ingredients.

He is wearing gloves.

The longer you live, the older you get.

Do you want me to believe this?

He confused us.

Kathryn has an old bicycle that Micky gave him.

Stop for a moment.

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Don't stare at people.

Passion makes him blind.

It was such a cold day that we decided not to go out.

I don't want her seeing this.

Merton is studying web design.

We help him.

I had hardly finished my meal when my friend phoned me and invited me out for dinner.

To her, lying is a second nature.

Mixing with people at a party can be terrifying for shy people.

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Is Jesus too sexy in the movie "Son of God"?

I never really noticed there were so many skunks here.

He knows better than to go there alone.


Do you think he still loves my letters?

I'm not responsible for what Ed did.

Germs can only be seen with the aid of a microscope.

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I knew Donnie a lot better than you did.


We can see Mt. Fuji over there.


Before eating it, cook the meat well.


He would often say such a thing.

He arrived half an hour late, which annoyed us very much.

We should leave at once.

It is difficult to find work.

Can we help?


There is no beach in this area.

It's all yours.

He makes it a rule to go to bed at eleven o'clock.

Neil wasn't very busy.

The word comes from Greek.

I thought you didn't believe in ghosts.

How lazy can you be?

He darkened the room.

Paula is loyal.

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Everybody is laughing.

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Timothy rolled down the car window.

The only thing that matters is that you are alive.

Elliott was divorced.

May I eat this hamburger?

He who has a real friend can say he has two souls.


I didn't steal anything from you.

Teriann slipped on the wet floor and dislocated his knee.

Francois says that he wants to learn French.

Kris ordered a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee.

Don't spill your wine on the upholstery.


I don't expect that to happen anytime soon.


I thought Raghu and Gregor would hit it off.

I appreciate you looking out for me.

Tad was questioned by the police about what had happened.

What do you think of this sweater?

I have made my decision.

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Rampaging elephants in Krasnodar? Impossible!

Teresa didn't want to seem desperate.

Rainer saw Werner driving John's new car.

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The noble Countess of Ahlefeld blushed and grew pale.

This has got me beat.

She was speechless.


She was never seen again.


We've searched everywhere.

Jane goes to bed early and gets up early.

The price of that book is five dollars.

Relations are tenuous as peace talks resume between warring factions.

Why are people so cruel?

Sofas like that don't come cheap.

I'll be calling you every morning.

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How long does it take for light from the sun to reach the earth?

I'm looking for a wallet.

Rescue workers saved Sriram and his dog.

He is an acrobat.

I was chosen for that.


Everyone looked at Claude again.

Liz was always there.

Dan had three thousand flying hours.


He was accompanied by his wife at the dinner party.


The baby was kicking and screaming.

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I'll arrange that for you.

Matthew didn't say where he'd bought his new bass clarinet.

Everybody in the building felt the earthquake.

Casper is sending a fax.

Could you please tell me what's wrong?

The desire to fly in the sky like a bird inspired the invention of the airplane.

The drag show was spectacular.

I think that's unlikely to happen.

That's Greek to me.

I wish you good luck in the exam!

The water was five feet deep.

I need to get them back.

I want you to lie down.

None of the food was left.

He is kind at heart.

When I started traveling, I rarely felt lonely.

Put two blankets on the bed.

Let's ease up.

You bought a low quality leather jacket.

Kay went home and cried.

I did this for my son.


Why is Dan so violent?


Can you mend these shoes for me?

I parked my car next to yours.

There were 215 votes for the motion and 15 votes against it.

She took over the business after her husband died.

You ask Saumya a lot of questions.