Jeff was paid three hundred dollars.

I've told them where we are.

Because she believed in God, she had nothing to worry about.

Is the boss there?

How much does it cost to take the metro?

It looks like rain.

I have a toothache and I want to go to the dentist.

You're beautiful, you know?

I'm really out of it today. It must be because of my fever.

I've botched things up so bad I wish I could find a hole to climb into.

On September 3rd, I will go from Los Angeles to Seoul with a friend.

I've triumphed over that coward.


There was a half-eaten apple near the kitchen sink.


I helped Mommy in the kitchen.


He got off with a fine.

The wet clothes stick to my skin.

That was just unfair.

Rajeev can't handle this job on his own.

I got fired from my job this morning. But, when it rains it pours, and upon coming out of the office building I found that someone had stolen my car.

He was so frightened that he ran for his life.

I put the key back where I found it.


Are you sure everyone's already asleep?

I've been a First Sergeant too long.

A Mr Jones has come to see you.

Ron was the only one who could've stolen Benjamin's money.

Les thought we were in danger.

Since I didn't eat anything for breakfast, I'm very hungry now.

I'm not going to lie to him.

You are such a loser.

It is no use asking me for money.


I found the film very disappointing.


He wavered between going home and remaining at work in the office.


Let me take those.

He followed my advice.

Tell me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.

Some companies discriminate against women who are pregnant or who say that they intend to have children.

Linley knows nothing about what's been happening here.

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Can you reach high C?

It is gone.

Why are you all shocked?

Have you heard about Occupy Wall Street?

To hear her speak English, you would take her for an Englishwoman.

Steven is still uncertain about whether to go to college or not.

They like variety; they don't like to stay in just one place.

Some people like classical music, while others like popular music.

I wasn't unfaithful.

Present-day Japan is going down the route to self destruction, isn't it?

I suppose I could use the company.

He's looking for a job.

Trust is earned, not ingratiated.

The girl who works in the bakery is affable.

Do you know where his keys are?

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Is it true that Brandon is dating a Japanese girl?


What is Assembla?


You're not going to get to first base if you do it that way.

I got lost driving back from town.

She told me that she wanted a pet dog.

I don't make a lot of money.

Let's get ready for lunch.


Has anyone thought about this?

How could we not have seen that?

I'm afraid this tie is too loud.


I'll talk the matter over with my father.

This is too bright.

Terrance was looking for the treasure, but didn't find it.

Isaac said something mean about me.

We think someone, and we know very well who, called the police.

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They made a terrible racket.

Everett went window-shopping.

Miriamne knows he's going to lose the race.


Tovah left Lester in the kitchen.

Did you put a stamp on the envelope?

Take care of Mr. Tanaka for me!


Rusty was moaning.

Taro's and Hanako's desk is small.

The fewer people who know, the better.

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Kitty doesn't have to tell me again.


Yes, I'm coming.

John set a transcontinental speed record by flying from Los Angeles to New York in 3 hours and 23 minutes.

I didn't tell you to fire Alison.

I'd prefer to not take that risk.

If I had known her address, I would have written her a letter.

I'm jealous of him.

My daughter knows the names of all the different species of dinosaurs.

Lawrence must've been the one who added Saumya's name to the list.

I didn't need your help.

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Is it true that you came by plane?

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Tell me when we reach the city.

I'm glad you're here with me.

He didn't get his underage friend into the bar.

Lloyd didn't like the way Jinny ironed his clothes.

Try harder.

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I think we should adopt his plan.

You can't have both books.

The gradual ruin of our country has to be stopped.

Dan apologized and hung up.

I didn't think I'd be first.

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I've seen nobody except you.

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Time was working against Dan.

Politics has much to do with me.

That was all we heard.

Pardon my French.

My dog is always barking.

With his income, he cannot afford the costly dinners.

Their wedding day went unnoticed.

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The first space stations rotated axially to produce artificial gravity.

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The teacher is busy looking over our tests.

Emily isn't afraid of spiders.

Children enjoying making a splash in water as they come off a waterslide.

I cared about Gregg.

That's quite a bit.


How will you change this?


I'd better get started.


My heart just melted!

He opened his eyes and looked at me.

Do you think you'd get ill?


He pulled out a handkerchief.

I can give him a message.

Louise will show you what to do.

If you have time, please drop in on us.

I didn't expect her to ask me that question.

I think it's nonsense.

Do you sometimes give your sister money?

The short answer is yes.

This problem is akin to the one we had last year.

What do you think of war?

Delbert says he doesn't want to hurt Jared.


It wasn't possible.

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I will take this tie, as it seems to be the best.


God created the earth and took a rest one day later; though ever since he created women, he has had no peace and quiet.

Despite having lived near the sea, she still cannot swim.

I'm a free radical.


I hope I can talk in Lojban.


This former child actor later became a drug addict.

The cat curled up in front of the fire.

Bruce would have gone with us if we had invited him.

Stephe used to work for my grandfather.

Sandy is already sound asleep.

Should I throw away all these books?

Will this year be different?

She gasped out the news.

Fish have ceased to live in this river.

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If he had known her phone number, he could have called her up.

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A developing embryo connects to the placenta via the umbilical cord.

Did someone tell you that you couldn't be here?

This is a beautiful vacation spot.

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I need a word with her.

The boy takes after his father.

I have been working since six this morning.

What do you think of those Japanese writers?

I'll phone them tomorrow when I come home.


I keep on forgetting that it has a touchscreen so I'm always selecting the wrong things!


The lights are on.

It's a half hour till lunch.

Don't go out after dark.

She was livid.

Michelle said you'll be all right.

Do I have to take off my shoes here?

I have to pay him back.

I can't come up with a good excuse for being late for the dentist.

I still need to deliver these packages.