Mwa is very youthful, isn't he?

You're too young to understand.


Women are brighter than men.

Rest is important.

This museum has been closed for five years.

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You can take a break.

I'm not doing this with you again.

I need someone to find Vivek.

My younger sister didn't say "hello."

Toufic heard wolves howling.

Don't let this codebook fall into enemy hands.

You speak French very well.

A monument was erected in memory of the deceased.

I can see you're good at this.

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It looks like Tyler's been a busy man.


He's coming home again.

I am Jorge.

Konstantinos thought Curt was lying about where she'd been.

I am sure I am in love with her.

I've already said no.

The theory of the Big Bang was proposed in 1927 and expanded in 1929.

She did not return till six.

My leg's gone to sleep, so I don't think I can stand up right away.

Don't hurry, we have the whole afternoon to shop.

What did I forget to say?

I don't need much else.

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Tollefsen is a very effective speaker.


To tell the truth, we got married last year.

Nathaniel isn't at home, is he?

We are here.

You can't believe anything that guy says.

He broke up the chair for firewood.

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I hope to hear from you.

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He had been sober for almost a year, but he gave into temptation around New Year's Day.


This is really great.


It appears we have a problem.

Find out who they are.

Arthur showed the bartender a fake ID card.

I want to go somewhere in Europe.

Let's go surfing.


You're trying.


It was childish of him to behave like that.

What you do is up to you.

I'm currently working at the school as a teacher.

Everyone in our class passed the exam.

She said she was going to have her own way.

I do remember meeting you before.

Ning told me I didn't need to worry about paying.


I am interested in studying German culture.

The author didn't think his novel would give place to so many interpretations.

Moore has a reef tank.

Don't trust that realtor. He's evil.

Let's see you beat that.

He enjoys a good reputation as a specialist in brain surgery.

Hawaii is known as an earthly paradise.

Claire is having a hard time focusing.

What else am I supposed to do?


Gypsy is a bus driver.

You're never satisfied!

Looks like I might have to burn the midnight oil tonight.


I'm not having any of that.

She contributed much to the company.

Lum refused to let Eva go out and play in the rain.


I have to get away from here.

Uncut footage of the governor's affair has surfaced on the Internet.

People are strange.

Do you speak Georgian?

It was her that told me.

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What does Leon have in his hand?

What made you ask her that?

Hitoshi narrowly escaped.


I wish I could see Al again.

They're great kids.

All of my siblings are taller than me.


He is one of the original settlers. When he arrived, there were no buildings for miles around.

I don't want to hurt him.

Who are you emailing?

I'm not a rookie anymore.

Clyde is extremely creative.


Am I seriously the only one who isn't bilingual here?

I'm a cat.

Please, come in and sit down.


The police were able to find the criminal.


Al left the city late that night to avoid getting arrested.

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Vadim didn't intend to cause Sergeant any trouble.

Finally, my father compromised.

That's sweet.

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I don't want you touching my stuff.

I told them not to come here.

I'm going to think about it.


You can easily identify him because he is very tall.


Mike visited our principal, Mr. Ogaki.

Do you think Herb killed Helge?

I like broccoli, but I hate cauliflower.

He was not satisfied with the final bill.

"What exactly do you like about me?" "Everything"


Someone's gotta do it.


He looked up the word in the dictionary.

He left her all alone.

We're trainees.


Germany is the playfield of international intelligence agencies.

The Voyager 2 mission provided more information about Uranus and its moons than had been gathered since the planet's discovery.

Our plane is thirty minutes late.


I visited the atelier of a painter that I had not visited in a long time. This painter had just acquired a new model and he was in a very good mood.

Serve the fish on that platter.

Tanaka can't swim very well.

I listen to music while I'm jogging.

Gary says that he has to attend a meeting this afternoon.

We didn't want to humiliate them.

For a moment there, I thought he had gone mad.

I was born in Osaka.

Sergei stayed at my place for three weeks.

The weak point of this book is that it's less than persuasive when the married author recommends not being married.

Have you seen the news? Horrible stuff has been happening.

Will you have some pie?

There are three empty rooms. However, we can't use any of them.

The radius of the Earth is 6400 km.

I've got to go and get Angus.

I was wondering, would you like to go to a movie with me tonight?

May I write on this sheet of paper?


We want to go to France for our honeymoon.

He introduced me to his daughter.

I kind of messed up.

It's really wonderful seeing you again.

Stop whimpering.

Frankly, Nick didn't try hard enough.

Markus seems to enjoy watching horror movies.

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Randolph wanted to dance with Svante all night.


I want to do this alone.


I don't understand how Dory could do this.


Jeffery is always worrying about things that don't really matter all that much.

He affirmed his innocence.

How's Rodney's cold?


She is backward in expressing her opinion.

I doubt Clarence will tell us the truth.

I've contacted them.

Dan flew into a rage.

A bodyguard is a person whose job it is to guard the body, and therefore the life, of another person.


I had a lick at the jam.


Be silent, or speak something worth hearing.


You must put up with your new post for the present. I'll find you a better place one of these days.

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Dave has been doing great.

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Are hookahs healthier than cigarettes?

There is a fundamental difference between your opinion and mine.

What if I'm wrong?

Elizabeth is a really close friend.

There's no way I can catch you.

I'll tell you what I can do.

She told him to study.


We went by bus as far as London.

Everyone shook their heads.

Randal didn't come home that night.

Why don't you have your motorcycle fixed up?

He was eating a bologna sandwich.


Other restaurants serve chicken without anything that makes it stand out.


That's horrific! Unless people like it, in which case I support it 100%.