Did you bring any books?

Not everything that you say in Lojban should be rational.

Subra heard that Roxie and John had split up.

He already regretted when I'd only said it.

I'm going to do something about it.

We won't use that.

I should know by now to trust my instincts.

Yes. We'll visit a factory which produces television sets.

The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.

He still says that he did nothing wrong.

We'll never find Miriam in this blizzard.

What are the first five letters of your email?

List didn't want to write about what had happened.

You know everyone here, I think.

Heidi looked at herself in the mirror.

Can you say how employees may be recognized for excellent performance?

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What movie was it that you told me I should watch?

It snows a lot in Hokkaido, doesn't it?

He's a marine biologist.

He rented an apartment.

Have you read this article?

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There is no end to our troubles.


I was afraid you'd ask that.

Bush always says the truth.

Spike has two brothers who both live in Boston.

Have you seen him on stage?

You shouldn't spend more than you earn.


Emily left school at sixteen.

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Never mind what he said.


Look at what Bradley's wearing.

I arrived here last night.

I was born during the Showa era.

Margaret makes supper for me every evening.

The baby was quiet all night.

I can't do two things at a time.

It is time to help women.

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This could take weeks.

When I hear this song, I cry.

Mott turned to go.

I knew Blaine would be late.

I went to Timo and Luis's last night.

He shall receive a talent as reward.

I need to handle this alone.


This was your big chance, Alan, and you blew it.

Naresh bought Bobbie a beer.

We could talk about them.

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When was the last time you parked your car here?

Don't involve me in that matter.

Do you know who she is?

Klaudia looked worried about the result of an English test.

We're the best at what we do.


Lowell was on the jury that convicted Eli.

We wouldn't change anything.

The cutlery has disappeared.

Rex shifted the car into drive.

You don't have to believe me.

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I saw him recently.

No matter what happens, I'll support you.

When I travel, I prefer to travel by air.

They constructed a new government.

Chris was hired to paint houses and was able to raise the money.


Holly is majoring in architecture.

You don't give orders on this ship.

Are you talking about me?

There's nothing more I can do.

She started to cry.

We can't choose who our parents are.

It's dark.

It could be worse.

They're in the car.


What he said was not true.

How much is left in your savings account?

The words Dr. Hawking was choosing this morning would be printed out and sent to the publisher of his book.

I owe her thirty dollars.

I was much impressed by his story.

Eli is going to be here.

She devoted her life to working among the poor.

I spend a lot of time reading.

Sorry for telephoning you so early.

Just look around.

I wouldn't want to take that risk.

What has violence ever accomplished?

There are huge interests at stake.

I started crying when I was chopping the onions.

Can you turn that down?

She is always on my side.

No one knows what to do.

I discerned the potential of great things in him.

Why are you scared?

However, the preposition+relative pronoun (which) part becomes a relative adverb (where).

If you happen to see Kayvan, could you ask him to give Antony a ring?


Lars was moaning.


The story reminds me of an experience I had long ago.


Our relationship is stable.

Barrett and three of his friends went camping last weekend.

I can vouch for you.

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I guess the battery is flat.


Why don't you?


Your watch is on the desk.

Amigo can ski just as well as Cindy.

Janos hasn't seen Konstantinos in weeks.

Donn won't respond.

Mother bought two bottles of orange juice.

Saudi Arabia does not issue tourist visas.

Jamie says he can't put up with Stagger's behavior any longer.

He acquired American citizenship.

Somebody whispered Nadeem's name.

I didn't go to the funeral.

Someday you should give it a try.

What a pair of morons!

They have something to do with the scandal.

Why did you kiss her?

Pam didn't take many pictures.

What's wrong with your car?

I love her but she loves him.

What will you say then?

Do you think they gave Shawn a square deal?

Joachim's constant arguing irritates some of his classmates. However, most of the class has just learned to ignore him.

I don't like the look of that.

I'm sorry I lost my temper.

There's no way to please everyone in this industry.

Juergen was wearing a low-cut dress.

Lea couldn't believe that Matti didn't want to go to the dance with him.

She immediately blushes in his presence.

Did you think I was being sarcastic?


Sumo wrestling is a traditional Japanese sport.


Everyone's going to be tired.

The dog is eating an apple.

That doesn't explain what happened, does it?

Ninja put on a pair of latex gloves.

I want to buy this material for a new dress. How much does it cost?

Shane always wants to do everything by himself.

Please move the chair. It's in the way.

I have a collection of towels I've stolen from many different hotels I've stayed at.

He stammered out a few words.


Did she go to the concert last Sunday?


I wish I could sing as well as you.


Kim wants to buy a fishing boat.

The basketball team doesn't practice on Monday.

Donal doesn't talk a lot.

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I'm not ever going back there again.


Why would anyone try to stop us?

Chet was John's cellmate.

Eli was elected to the Senate in 2008.

There is a grain of truth in everything.

I take a bath every day.


It's as smooth as a baby's bottom.

There's so much more I need to say to you.

I'm well aware of the facts.

Sergio doesn't want to know what I think.

I was taken advantage of.


Rudolf was forced to make a radical decision.


There are days where I feel like my brain wants to abandon me.

As long as we live, we have to work.

The room was packed with people.

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Donal had a few more things to say.

He rose from day laborer to governor.

It'll be difficult to complete this report by Monday.

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You think you're so funny.

No one suspected.

What don't you like about them?

The stage was sprinkled with flower petals.

Come what may, we must do our duty.

I'm really proud of these kids.

Please explain it.

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Everyone can be mistaken.

Would you care to try one of these?

I'd like to speak with you in private.