I use a three-ring binder for all my subjects instead of a notebook for each one.

He will do anything to make money.

I decided to tell Shatter the truth.

She has a house.

Do you think I'm stupid or something?

In February I'm coming back to Shanghai.


We must study harder.

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When was the last time you played soccer?


I haven't seen Celia since then.

Mario looks a little skeptical.

The math professor wrote the proof on the chalkboard.


Love is never without jealousy.

Whatever was said was sad.

Stephanie has already finished the work that he needed to do.

We lost all our money.

Mechael doesn't have to study French. He can already speak it quite well.

My father used to pick me up after school.

I take a few night courses.


I've been summoned to headquarters urgently.

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That is a pencil.

I think he ate about 10 oysters.

A gunman shot him in March, 1981.


He always sits up late at night.


This is a direct quote.

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Where exactly are you?

The show is over.

Harold and John were both kicked off the team.

Ahh ... well I was young but what a stupid mistake.

I know it well.


It's a steal at twice that price.

My father has gone to China. He isn't here now.

You're going to have to go alone.

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The mother took her child in her arms.


Could you give me a ball-park figure?


I've dreamed of this.


It is often easier to make plans than to carry them out.

He will be here any moment.

They executed Cindie.

I think it's a bad idea.

I know that you don't want to talk to me.

Mike took Clarissa into his arms, and they kissed each other passionately.

We have PE class.

So you decided to come after all.

Why do you want to make your boyfriend jealous?

The plane takes off at 8:00 a.m.

I'm not a slut!

To do him justice, we must say that he is a minor musician.

The following verbs only take the to-infinitive as their object.

Nicholas usually keeps things to himself.

You must keep the gate closed for the night.


I've been assigned to work with you.

I can't stand violence.

You forgot to mention that.


You and I shouldn't be talking.


I am not a prophet.

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He's Adrian's chauffeur.

They were good opponents.

Her hair is turning gray.


I don't enjoy riddles.


Alexander wouldn't stop badgering me.

He thinks he's becoming deaf because he doesn't hear people talking about him anymore.

I wish you'd come last night.

In the vacation, I read the entire works of Milton.

You're attempting to confuse me.


I tried to go to the bank, but it was closed.

Orville did nothing but complain about his job.

I don't have to study tonight.

Are there beautiful women here?

What did you think of her?

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

He has a slender figure.


Gary used to live with us.

She doesn't have a babysitter, so she can't go to the party.

You weren't married for long, were you?

I'm going to help him.

I used to like walking in the rain when I was a child.

Shai explained how he lost his money.

Can I sleep on your couch?

The waffle is very tasty.

Okay. Drive safely.

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I really appreciate your help.

For me he is neither a brother nor an acquaintance.

What is the price for this?


Your memory hasn't improved much, has it?

You're not schizophrenic.

Can I talk to Ramiro for a minute?

At last, he made up his mind to marry again, feeling that a wife would bring peace and order to his household and take care of the children.

I'm concerned with Hugh's safety.

Japan declared war on the United States in December, 1941.

Olof and Kenton don't speak French at home.

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Does he know where those cats hid themselves?

Plants need to be in a well-lit place to undergo photosynthesis.

Don't you just hate the way Jarvis behaves?

They can understand everything I'm saying.

All men are brutes.

I let Ricky watch a little TV after he finished his homework.

We're not about to give up.

It's too dangerous for you to stay here.

Rabin was shocked when he saw Bill kissing John.

She broke into tears at the news.

Today's party was really lively, wasn't it?

What does she want?

Luke has just resigned.

I am not used to sitting up late at night.

Translate this book into English.

It's necessary to make his language like other people's.

I have been studying you just as a biologist studies an animal species.

Plastic can probably pull some strings for you and get you into that school.

In the morning, he was still in a bad mood.

Let's see if Wes will say anything.

Can you think of any reason why Andrea would do that?

We baked some cookies for them.

Anatomical breast implants, however, could also deform the shape of the breast if they rotate sideways.


Ofer accepted the job.

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They're both smiling.


Lee said those were the conditions he had expected.

Pam is putting stuff in his backpack.

What are the similarities?


No matter how sleepy you are, brush your teeth.

He will never yield.

Who cares about bad manners?


Shawn walked in with bags of take-out food.

You should have known better.

Let me go!


Columbus' discovery of America was accidental.

That's no problem.

Can I fix you a hot drink?


I need to be prepared.

Stephan uses anabolic steroids.

Alister killed Barbara.

Lucifer can do anything.

We probably don't want to do that again.

In our park, we have a nice slide for children to play on.

As soon as he got on the bus, it began to move.

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I suppose I can ask her.


Don't climb up the wall.


Jurevis made sure that his children ate everything on their plates.

She would have come willingly, but she was on vacation.

He ran across the street, leaving her alone.


I want to start now.

What kind of food does Patty like?

Suu has never seen Todd so angry.

That little boy likes to throw rocks on the neighbor's roof.

Frederick tried to calm down.


I didn't listen.


I don't want to leave Boston.

Was it really coming closer?

Bike helmets can protect riders from serious head injuries.

Is there someone who knows them?

He told me that there were many foreigners in Eritrea.

I love that commercial.

You shouldn't be alone.


I hate doing that.

Rebecca accepted the challenge.

It would be a sin to waste it.

Why do you want to waste time doing that?

Some house.


I'll lend you this book.

You should cultivate the habit of getting up early.

She will be glad if you go to see her in person.