A simple tool to price check your items in path of exile by "copy and paste". It is that simple!

Support Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari

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Price Single Item

Price A Stash

Price All Stashes

Price A Shop

T1 Uniques ST League

T1 Uniques HC League

All Uniques


Price Trade Whisper


Price a single item

  • To import an item, hover over it in game and press Ctrl+C
  • then click on the textarea below and press Ctrl+V

Ignore my own account names (comma separated):

Price each stash

  • Click the links below for your league
  • Input your account name (XXX) at the end of the URL (not your character's name. Shown on GGG webpage as Logged in as XXX)
  • Copy ALL the text from the new page, and paste it into the text area below
  • (Optional) Log in to your path of exile forum may be required
  • (Optional) Change "tabIndex=0" at the end of the URL to import other tabs
  • Generate forum post and update existing forum post by appending this stash tab
  • Note: it may take quite long to finish when there are so many items. The page may be black, but it is processing. Patience is the key.




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Ignore my own shop(s) (comma separated):

list Enable ML

Price trade text

Input a whisper text from poe.trade:

This works with items in the premium stash tabs.

Price all stashes

  • Pick a league, and Input SessionId
  • Browse any stash tab in your stashes
  • Generate forum post with all included stash tabs
  • Update forum post by appending to the existing one


Enable ML

Price a shop

Input your or other' s shop thread id:

This can take many minutes if there are many items.

  • This is not a GGG site
  • It is for personal fun and is under construction
  • Appreciate your bug report at 917-620-0726