I'm getting homesick.

It doesn't really make much sense, does it?

You're not a teenager yet.

That ship has sailed for me.

We have to tell Ruth.

That kind of language ist uncalled for.


Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.


Does Sanjib get many visitors?


Gregg picked up the cat.

The schoolboys marched four abreast.

How are you today?

Jwahar burped.

They tortured the prisoner first and then killed him.

That novel isn't for children.

It's quite serious.

I tried to apologize, but the words stuck in my throat.

If only I had studied harder for the exam.


Starvation and disease were rampant among the lowest classes.


How could we have been so stupid?

I never do things like that.

I'm skimming his report right now.

The plane has hit several air pockets.

Tracey doesn't need to do that, does he?

Sherman wants to forgive his father for abandoning him.

She is one of the most untrustworthy people I have ever met.

The whole house was ill in bed.

When shall we leave for the party?

Everything is new.

Can you speak Esperanto?


There was a Brazilian girl in my class last year.

You stopped it, didn't you?

Will should go home.

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Everyone looks uncomfortable.

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I'd like to hear your opinion.

Tyler filled the pitcher with water.

Gerald left before Tollefsen arrived.


Are you going to go with us?

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The hard work began to tell on him.

You've lied to us before.

I don't think I need to lose weight.


Alvin didn't know what Joubert's last name was.

Doing your homework while watching TV, that's obviously wrong.

My mother is looking after my 3 year-old son.

All I want to do is hang out with you guys.

We received an acknowledgement of our letter.

Bjorne hesitated a moment before answering.

I feel like going out with him.


Let's throw a party for them.

Stop scaring them.

I'm thinking of going to Boston to visit Hirotoshi.

Are you being truthful?

Brender must be tired now.


I don't know whether Owen can speak French or not.


I accompanied her on a walk.

We don't need to do everything on the list.

You're the best.


Are you going to go on holiday this year?


Lumberjacks who make charcoal live there.


We were truthful.

You need to know.

One who wakes up late, for him, there may not be enough bread.

Recently, I don't have much appetite.

I'm used to hearing sirens.

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I don't think Andy is the one who needs to apologize.

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Obviously my dogs will protect you!


This book is not sold here.

Did Brender hurt you?

We were surprised at the sound.

I want to come.

I don't even know what you are called, (mate).

Don't back away.

We bought the man's house.

What's Hsi doing here?

I've got a knife.

The chair stands next to the door.

Who was it that broke the window yesterday?


I changed my mind and decided not to go on a trip after all.

The worst thing about the fall is the leaf peepers.

Let me put something on.

Orville read The Red Pony in middle school.

"Help!", he shouted.


Shatter was accustomed to being on his own.

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I have something I need to tell you.

What is this year?

Shall we pack everything together?

Long live the Queen!

I can't keep my coat on in this heat.


I love it when they leave the curtains open.

We sat down to have lunch.

Trusting yourself is the key to success.

My futon was peeled away.

Craig will hate that.

We were at school together.

Tony is certainly attractive.

I'll go and see if I can get Mariou to help.

My team won the match.

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From the moment he arrived, everything changed.


He went no farther than the gate.

Are there any bears around here?

The doctor told me Dylan died in his sleep.

Mom, I'm hungry.

None, they are all outside.

Vadim put everything in a box.

Wes punched a hole in the wall after his team lost the grand final.


Raymond was just not ready.

I'm in touch with Page.

Part hasn't complained about anything yet.

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Jill is the only girl in our club.

How many do you take?

The area is built up now.

Panacea has chosen you.

Shall I buy you a ticket for the concert?

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That is all right.

Can I ask why this is so important to you?

My hands are shaking.

The experience prejudiced her in favor of the Democratic Party.

That book on kabuki might be expensive.


That won't change anything.

I don't know where you're from, and neither does he.

Will you please wipe the dust off the table?

We leave tomorrow afternoon.

How can you stand the noise?

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If I were a bird, I would have been able to fly to you.

It was just 6 years ago that I visited New Zealand for the first time.

I'm flying to Boston tomorrow.


I want to dance at my granddaughter's wedding.


I hear that Simon hired you.

I am satisfied with the result of my math test.

Is that really the reason why?


I think I will buy the red car.

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She is happy to have conceived a baby by him.

Coffee ends a meal.

Tell me frankly.

When do we want it?

The words are on the tip of my tongue, but I don't quite know how to put what I want to say.


It'll be wonderful.

You're the most beautiful girl in the world.

Do you think it's easy to find a job in Germany?

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Jokes apart!

This'll be fun.

When she was young, she preferred coffee to Japanese tea.

Without your protection, Kim won't have a chance.

We mortals die in a thousand ways; we are born in only one. There are a thousand diseases of men, but only one source of health.


Lightly weigh the tofu down, leave it for about 20 minutes then drain.

After her graduation from college, she went over to the United States.

Try not to think about her all the time.


The athletes sat around killing time, waiting for their game to start.

Shai pretended to be sleepy.

My pillow was drenched with tears.

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Ann had to put up with me all through high school.

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Someone has brought us some grapes.

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The person she's talking to is Allan.

Is there anyone here who disagrees?

What's the minimum salary in France?

Herman knows Tharen is right.

Hans stashed some stuff at my place.


Joachim wanted to take Roderick with him to Boston.