It sounds exactly like him.

Where did you spend your summer?


She speaks very rapidly.

Lucifer knew who the kidnappers were.

Keep a good eye on Darryl.

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I call for a vote.

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My room has only one window.

Mother allowed me to go abroad.

We walked for a long time.

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Toby played spoons and Michel played kazoo.


What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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You're joshing me.

We hope she will take heart soon.

We'll leave as soon as Horst gets here.

Rank boys according to their height.

Is Mitchell busy?

I'd better go check on them.

Englishmen are the heirs of liberty.

Leslie knew too much.

In early times, inventions were often stumbled upon by accident.

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How long do you think it'll take me to get to Boston?

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Terri and Son insult each other all the time.

With your mother in the hospital, you'll have to work harder.

Van Buren rejected the offer.

Have you ever hugged your children?

That's my theory.


Don't worry; it won't bite.

You recognized him, didn't you?

We'll be here for a while.

Which judge heard the case?

I've always wanted a daughter.


It's a huge contract.


Juliet is extremely greedy.

Am I right about that?

I have a corn on my right foot.

Just sit down and relax.

That's not necessary.

This is a good place to build a sand castle.

It goes without saying that every one is bound to obey the law.


All three were killed.

Rajendra was interested in that.

Sorry, my mistake.

How come Morgan didn't fight?

He greeted her with cordiality.

You're disgusting!

It would be a pity if such a word disappeared.


I didn't want them to leave.

You shouldn't swim in that pool.

He was busy, and yet he came to help us.

He will be busy tomorrow.

What would your dream home look like?

Carsten made it clear that he didn't want anything to do with Kirsten.

Tell me where you've been.

Alastair doesn't even know my name yet.

In this magazine Juliana talks about the way she dresses.


Do you think we'll make it to the station in time?

I didn't do anything with him.

Roy wasn't really happy.


We went along a narrow road.

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Just work hard.


It was almost too easy.

Sue goaded Tor toward the garage.

Fathers should be neither seen nor heard. That is the only proper basis for family life.

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Would you like to come in for a drink?


No one had seen anything.

Where did you come up with that stuff?

Mr Johnson's house is next to my house.

I thought I could trust them.

Like me, he's also not tall.

I am very tired from teaching.

I have a very sad announcement to make.

I acknowledged that I want to do strange things.

My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother.

Me, hate you? Don't be ridiculous! We're friends now.

You might want to change into some clean clothes.

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I do a good job with my work.


I don't know why Lea doesn't want me to go.


Laurie is Mats's youngest child.


How hard he works!

We don't have the space.

When did the robbery take place?

We just want to talk to him.

You've got to expect the unexpected around here.

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I give you permission to stay.

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States.

My comment sparked off an argument in the group.


The road was crowded with trucks.

The poet lived here some twenty odd years.

I thought I'd left it at home.

He often tells us we must help one another.

Hartmann made a lot of money last year.


Who came to our house?

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When was the last time you gave Stewart a gift?


I will come tomorrow without fail.

Why don't we invite Bernard to dinner?

Jim called me a coward.


Why do you need to do that?

The surface temperature on the side of Mercury closest to the Sun reaches 427 degrees Celsius, a temperature hot enough to melt tin. On the side facing away from the Sun, or the night side, the temperature drops to -183 degrees Celsius.

He is not old enough to vote.

Bobby wiped Dick's tears away.

Liyuan didn't want to give you up.

This is better than nothing.

Some believe in God, but others do not.

Kim denied knowing anything about the robbery.

Solar energy is abundant, clean, affordable and renewable.

I want to know now.

His essay was full of original ideas.


He did his best and still had poor marks.


Why did you decide to learn French?

The pastry chef is decorating a cake with green owls made of buttercream frosting.

Please handle it with the utmost care.


Isn't that your dictionary?

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Call us this evening.

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Tomorrow is her day off.

I don't want an apology. I want an explanation.

The train had already started when I got to the station.

This computer has a Pentium microprocessor.

The parents try to amuse their baby with a toy.

Why are we listening to her?

Without the risk of pain, there can be no happiness and joy.

Where does he want to go?

It was nice of you to drive Kyu to school.

Why did you shoot him?

Guido is in a meeting.

You're tough but fair.

One day I went to school with my best friend, Gitte.


I'm the only one who knows where Vladimir is.

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Ram is Alastair's youngest son.


I didn't know when to switch the machine off.


I know how you feel, but it's over.


Where would I find T-shirts?

How could you do such a thing?

Whether it's a son or a daughter, a child is someone you have to take care of until they get married. That's what I think.

What is it that you saw exactly?

I'm flying to Germany.

Losing my daughter has taken away my will to live.

Turkeer is right behind us.


Kelly is not at all happy.

If you will excuse me for a few minutes, I'd like to make a call.

I haven't had dessert yet.

My friend tied my shoes together and I fell when I tried to stand up.

Let's figure out what needs to be done.


This is the last time I'll accept a gift.

"Who are the Uyghurs?" "I don't know."

Y'all must stay.

They were suspicious of him, and not without reason.

Keep your hands off my typewriter.

Trevor needed help.

"Clean up in front of the shop first." "OK!" "Sprinkle some water out there too."

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Stu will take care of that.

She blamed me for everything.

Why are you bleeding?

Laurence and Glen were tired of waiting.

What do you call your father?

A contract with that company is worth next to nothing.

Juri's mother told an extraordinary story of an out-of-body experience she had during her recent brush with death.

I just couldn't resist doing that.

You need a heavier plow than this.