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Did you hear the noise?

In the two years he spent as a professor of Spanish in Paris, he trod a dangerous path with the French authorities.

Send the package to this address.

Leslie needs to learn some manners.

I know him very well.

We called off the game on account of rain.

Juergen declined the invitation.

It's confirmed they're donating rice to the orphanage next week.

People were evacuated because of the flood.

She has a husband and two daughters.

Do you know the town where he lives?

I went night-fishing with Christopher.

In this school, a period is fifty minutes long.


I don't want to disappoint her.

The person standing near the gate is Erick.

They'll find her.

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I want you to meet him.

The neighbors made a fool of him.

Focus on your breathing.

They arrived before you.

We are battling creatures from another world.

Belinda can't believe Jennie's pretending nothing's wrong.

Miles helped Stagger put her coat on.

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Deborah was abused far more than the rest of his brothers and sisters.


And the first prize goes to...John Doe!


I have a stiff neck.


Luc is still complaining.

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He was sick from eating too much.

That's been happening every morning.

He developed his talent for painting after fifty.

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We must work as long as we live.

His knowledge of French is poor.

I had rather never have been born than have seen this day of shame.

The girl sitting over there is Nancy.

How often do you go there?

It wouldn't harm a fly.

I would like to talk to your manager.

I'm not in a position to give you any advice.

Marion gladly accepted.

Why didn't you warn Jaime?

Did you walk all the way here?


Cary is crazy about you.

Jingbai went back to his office.

For example, Pepperberg would show Alex an object, such as a green wooden peg or a red paper triangle.


Who is Mr. Bush?

Applicants should be familiar with common office-computer applications.

Hector told me to stay out of his way.

Does your wife know German?

Liz is skeptical.

The train service was suspended by the earthquake.

Patty, you're such a big meanie.


Brandy was supposed to arrive here yesterday.

Does it take too long to blow dry?

I think they were mistaken.

How do we do that?

Dory has been looking forward to meeting you.


Have you decided yet?

You owe nothing to any of us.

I think Harry has lied to us.


You know about that, don't you?

I think Peggy believed me.

When did you become a teacher?

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I'm on the honor roll.


She'd do anything for you.

Is lunch ready?

I just want to hear you sing one more time.

You have to call Kitty.

Today I have to give my cat a bath.


I can't deal with him anymore.

I'm sure a lot of people would agree with you.

It's nobody's business.

Nicolo doesn't want to go to bed right now.

The plaintive melody broke her heart.

Please bring your plan up at the meeting.

Anders disassociated himself from an increasingly corrupt board of directors.

The visit is free of charge.

I got a phone call from him just as I was about to go to bed.

Junko still depends on her parents for her living expenses.

I've never worked with him.

I'm going to see her tomorrow.

We can't let Pam have that diamond.

The primary cause of his failure is laziness.

Let's see about that.

Guess who else moved to Boston.

It's unusual for this brand of soap not to make suds well.

I love it!

They arrived at twilight.

This bed is too hard to sleep on.

Srinivas looked guilty.

The second woman to fly in space was Svetlana Savytskaya in 1982 onboard Soyuz-T 7.

When do you have to file your income tax returns?

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I have nothing to lose.


I built it myself.

He died from a wound in the chest after a week.

Mezian is writing a sentence on the whiteboard.

I've never met those people.

Your work is poorly organized.

You'll never guess where we've just been.

I like the fresh air.

Three workers on board the truck were killed in the accident.

Just eat half!

Sangho's constant womanizing didn't do his marriage any good.

In spite of the heavy rain, he decided to go out.

The orchestra struck up nostalgic music.

I was glad I could help.


I get nauseous whenever I fly.


Pitawas tried a few different techniques.


Medical helicopters take very sick people to hospitals.


Where have you spent your holidays?

Martyn disappeared a year ago.

I got nothing to ask.

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Vasilissa was the greatest beauty in the whole village.

Our dogs were poisoned.

I'm certain it can be done.


This city was beautiful in its time.

Rhonda and Sanjib have been talking for hours.

Are you going to have dinner here with me?

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I spent the weekend with friends.

She has a bee in her bonnet about arriving on time.

Even if the sun were to rise in the west, I wouldn't break my promise.


Let's meet on Sunday.


This is so much fun.


Would you tell Wilmer I'm back?

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Do you think he still wants to live with me?

They shall not pass.

Hi, I'm special agent Frank from the FBI.

She has read a lot of Tagalog books.

The whole city was getting a face-lift.

I suspect that you won't like it.

I should've followed your advice.

Do you get along well with your new classmates?

That's what Sriram does most of the time.

You're welcome to come with us if you want to.

You've had a busy morning, haven't you?

I'd like to have a glass of water.

Why do you look so sad today?


I've got to get out of here.

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Yankee Doodle came to town // Riding on a pony // He stuck a feather in his cap // and called it macaroni.

Did you get her something?

I'm not sure I can do it.

I just want to feel something.

Clearly, we have different priorities.

Some people came by car. Others came by bus.

Do you have a mobile, Travis?

I know what I told them.

Jaime said he didn't like the concert at all.

Nicolette is a member, I think.

I think something scared them.

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Tell her I'm on my way over.


I tend to talk too much.


There's no denying that he looks so funny in that costume.

It so happened that he was absent from school that day.

You were right.

Frederick did it for no particular reason.

I wish you could come with us.


This dictionary contains not more than 20,000 words.

I was just about to call you.

We used to have airplanes, but we had to sell them.


I'm going to Boston tomorrow.


Einstein was far in advance of his time.

I want you to be safe.

Be careful not to drill into gas pipes.