It never gets old.

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I like crossword puzzles.

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It's worth every penny.

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Is it possible to drink salt water?

I found the glass empty.

There's another problem you don't even know about.

He stared into her eyes.

Dan was a good husband and a good father.

You haven't said one word to me all afternoon.

Although I was tired, I did my very best.

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The Anglo-Saxons will not just take your land. They will also take you as a slave, then, when you die, they're going to store your bones in a museum and describe you as a savage in their history books. They are also going to make a couple of movies to show how ugly you were and how brave their heroes were.


Darrell is a volcanologist.

The boy didn't change his opinion.

Joachim is getting married this fall.

He bought her flowers.

Gunnar has two girlfriends.


Would you like to meet them?

I hate my sister.

Solid water is called ice.


Think was friendly.

Merril and Sean were confused.

What would you say to Marvin?

We did it a few times.

Hilda handed Ernie a knife.

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You used to love singing.

I hope you're doing what I told you to do.

I've been feeling this way all day.

I don't particularly care what you think.

I remember when Anna told me she fell in love.

Why don't we take him there?

I'll come to your house.

What's your native language? Mari? I lately discovered this language after reading the article about the Finno-Ugric languages on Wikipedia. These languages have a very interesting history.

He shouted to her to be careful.


There can be no friendship without trust.

Where else would Morgan be?

The examination is near at hand.

You have to be outside something, able to experience it from a distance, before it makes sense.

I really like French cooking.

I cannot read the book in so short a time.

I know that you put your best effort into it.

The first round is on the house.

That's hardly likely.

It's dangerous to play with fire.

We're approaching the rendezvous point.

He gave money to each of his sons.

I'd like Paul to rest.

What does this look like to you?

Piete and Patricio are good people.

Me, I prefer coffee to tea.

What did you and Kurt eat for lunch?

The piano was made of beautiful, dark brown wood.

I'll bet that I can beat you to the tree.

I've already read some of what you wrote.

Words failed me at the last minute.


What was the last movie you saw?

Leslie recognized it.

It's an indie movie.

When did the robbery happen?

I usually watch television before supper.

How did I oversleep even though I went to bed early?!

They debated for a shorter amount of time than I'd expected.

Anita likes to eat spoonfuls of peanut butter right out of the jar.

Take the next left.

Roy didn't kiss anybody.

Vaughn bought a new sport utility vehicle so that her children would be comfortable when she drove them to soccer practice.


I'll explain later.


The lecture on the Impressionist painters was interesting.

Some doctors recommend that their patients take an aspirin a day.

He got up early so he'd be in time for the train.


The market is completely saturated.

The light of the lamp glimmered in the fog.

You feel you've been treated unfairly?

The lawyer believed in his client's innocence.

Florian had no qualms about lying.

There's nothing I can do but give up the idea of going abroad.

Did you know that Tove Jansson is not only mother of the Moomin, but also a extremely gifted artist?

Lars wanted Patrick to help him clean the living room.

Shutoku speaks five languages, but doesn't know how to be polite in any of them.

Get a doctor.

Have I ever told you that you're the sweetest thing in the world?

She cut the cake in two.

Read my lips, no new taxes!

I would prefer to spend six months in jail rather than getting busted.

Are we clear on that?

Sanjeev slowly pushed open the door.

After having eaten our meals, we visit IKEA's furniture department.

In the great square, the boldest among the boys would often tie their sledges to the country people's carts, and go with them a good way.

Kristian is extremely resourceful.


The way to make something fun is to turn it into a competition.

For some reason the microphone didn't work earlier.

After a few minutes, we arrived at the park.

She won't always be around

Observations of Eris have led scientists to believe that it has frozen methane on its surface.


Radek has two daughters.

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I speak of a lion.

Ramon began climbing the ladder.

How long did you live there?

Love happens when you least expect it.

I ran as fast as I could, but I missed the bus.

I'm rarely invited to parties.

Per felt helpless.

Can you please go get it?

Where are the books?


Hey, what gives?


Soohong wouldn't have given this to me unless it was something important.


Cristi was out of town when the fire broke out.

Be ready to help a friend.

I'd just like to ask Bobby one question.


Everything has been arranged.

We'll do anything we can to help.

Ikebana is part of Japanese culture.

Why do you think that?

I am sure you have met Vaughn.

Give me a minute with him.

He and his wife both work and his salary is lower than hers, so no wonder he is a hen-pecked husband.


We like playing soccer.

Nanda ran so fast I couldn't catch him.

We don't have to buy from that store anymore.


Have you already eaten at home?

Please don't walk so fast.

Pilot can't do that.

Russian girls love Icelanders.

Have the lilies been watered?

It's in the closet.

If it makes you feel any better, you'll die in two hours.

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Why are you planning on doing that?

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Support me on this one.

Here are a few reasons.

What do you think I'm trying to do?

Sylvan helped himself to a cookie.

This isn't your decision.

We have all the time we need.

I think I try to do too much at a time.

I hope you two are very happy.

The gift-giving custom dies hard.


The shipment was damaged by the rain.

I don't know how Paris is the most visited city in the world.

I'm afraid I'm imposing on your hospitality.

Do you like your steak rare?

Conrad's injuries aren't very serious.


Have you ever heard her sing on the stage?

I think Srikanth is dangerous.

Let's see if we can work out our problems by ourselves.


I know that we still love each other.

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For a language to be universal, it is not enough to call it that.


"Dad, this a real sword?" "Of course, it is a duel after all."

You're not the only one with secrets.

I don't need you anymore.

Charley won't be able to get to the airport on time.

Doctors say that children who were breastfed are usually healthier.

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I thanked her for her help.


I asked Luis where he had gone.

Your item will be shipped as soon as possible.

You're as beautiful as I remember.


He sang off key.

How do you account for your being late?

He went together with her.

My life's a contradiction.

That woman's name is Israel.

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Jeannie knew what Kee had to do.

Somebody cut the brakes.

I can't ask her to quit.

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Perhaps the Earth is not the only planet gifted with life.


I've never cared about such things.