Blackbeard formed an alliance of pirates.

Let's talk face to face.

I'll call you right after the meeting.

We'll get in touch in another day or two.

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You must keep an eye on the child.

I'm not a little girl anymore.

I hope that your family is fine, my friend.

Allegedly, Helen turned that offer down.

The country's main products are cocoa and gold.

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My resolution was shaken when I heard about it.


Americans can be really provincial.

Rajiv has made a decision.

Math is fundamental to any science.

Environmental problems call for quick action.

Raphael pretended he couldn't understand French.


I don't like the idea of you staying here alone.

Recently the worms increased.

I'm your father.


I will never sell my friend down the river for anything in the world.

He kept an eye on them.

Lots of people get married on Saturdays.

I've been pretty fortunate.

He moved closer to her.

I can't believe that you aren't at least willing to consider the possibility of other alternatives.

I'd never go out with a married woman!

What do you want to know about us?

He quarrelled with his brother.


The story is at once interesting and instructive.

My past self is another person.

He fell asleep with the radio on.

Ramsey is trying to keep cool.

She looked me in the eye.

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I shouldn't have used the word "password" as my password.

The prisoners are escaping!

The children haven't studied division yet.

In an equilateral triangle with vertices A, B and C, the distance from A to B is the same distance as from B to C, or from C to A.

She has no one to wait on her.

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You really should buy a new car.


Where did you breast-feed them?


It rained for three days.


He'll get there in ten hours.

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I definitely said that.


Some know about the old times from their parents only.


I'll find Dion and let him know.


I've made lunch reservations.

The United States is seeking extradition of Julian Assange.

The doctor told Socorrito to lower the amount of red meat that he ate.

What was all the shooting?

My ears are still ringing.


Please wait outside of the house.


What does that have to do with Tharen?

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Paul, we've arrived!

During the test, she felt very sick, so she got a pass to go to the toilet.

He's in fantastic shape.

John called for the waiter in a loud voice.

I'm glad you invited me.

I'm coming to save you.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

Clearly, you have feelings for Leung.

I don't know the meaning of the expression, "impossible."

I met an old man near the station.

You're a good actor, pretending you were late because you don't feel well.

Marzipan pigs do not grunt.

She moved to the USA because her father died some months after you went to France.

Why would anybody want to hurt Franklin?

It's the least I can do.

She was always staring at me for the time being.

Let's play some video games to kill time.

Our money ran out.

This is a tower.

Maybe they will come and maybe they won't.

If you were my wife, I'd hang myself.

She fell in love with him at first sight.

How are we going to find her?


Our meeting rarely starts on time.

I checked Holly thoroughly.

Nancy has a hold on her husband.


Have you finished knitting that sweater?

Amir is really quite a remarkable person.

Indra and Dylan come from the same country.

Does that ring a bell?

She's a bit rough around the edges.

The periodic flooding of the Nile is very important to Egypt.

Pigs cannot run the nations.

I love collecting stones at the beach.

He goes for a walk one day every month.

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This was Michael's idea, wasn't it?


I think it might rain this afternoon.

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I have some money.

Nigel made the first move.

My phone's ringing.

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The weather is turning nasty.

Maybe it's true.

Forget what I have just told you.

Her higher salary will allow her to live comfortably.

Carsten won't tell me how much he paid for his new computer.

I wanted to say something meaningful.

I caught a cold two days ago.

A lost child was sobbing at the police box.

Kim and Connie sat together on the bench.

Those earphones don't work.

Shai was apparently very convincing.

Once in a while he tells strange things.

At last, the bells of victory rang out.

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Kathy loves to gossip.


Did you get a massage?

They eat with a knife and fork.

I've got boxes to unload.

I really feel for you.

They're both in love with the same girl.

I hear you've given up smoking.

Vicky is dealing with the problem now.

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That sounds like discrimination to me.

Would you excuse me, please?

Milner stopped talking when Irwin came into the room.

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I had no idea you felt that way.

I want to know what's out there.

Debi didn't thank Jordan sufficiently.

I'm just a hindrance.

I miss you badly.


The construction could take months.

I heard him.

I suggest you don't ask George those questions.


He seems to have lost the thread of the story.


Something you should know about me is that I'm afraid of heights.

Do you have time for one more question?

You came at just the right time.

My grandfather is five times as old as I am.

He no longer has a sore elbow.


Go ahead, try it now.

How did you get inside?

Who is this mysterious man?

I am not a liberal.

Drop your gun!


I was very close to them.


The boy I thought was honest deceived me.

Tim writes left-handed.

If it hadn't been for your advice, he would have been ruined.

Wade appreciated Matthieu's offer.

Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

He memorized that poem when he was five years old.

She sent us a telegram, informing that she would come.


The period is missing.


Those findings match my own observations.

I'm using common sense.

After the first letter the other came easily.


You can't keep talking to me like this.

Gail can understand perfectly well.

I've been up all night writing.

Case fell asleep with his glasses on.

Look, Christopher, we have to move.

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The sun scorched the land and withered the crops.

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He doesn't show his feelings.


Todd told me a lot about Boston.

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I'm talking about my friend.

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Learn those sentences.

I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable.

I do not accept your excuse.