It is good for you to take exercise.

Tell me what I can do.


You're a pushover.

Do you know Hsuan's secret?

He may just be ahead of his time.

You should've gone north.

Dan didn't even cry.

Whilst walking on the beach, he found a message in a bottle.

It's badly broken.

Does it hurt at all?

All around, as far as the eye could reach, nothing could be seen but fields of ice, in which the ship remained stuck fast.

I put money in a safe.

Have you ever been to Britain?


I'll wait here until she comes.

Has Alejandro come?

The future of our company is at stake. We have been heavily in the red for the last couple of years.

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Stay a moment.

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Did you like Seth's concert?

Why doesn't Briggs have a cell phone?

Please print only if necessary and recycle.

Linda made false claims of pregnancy to force Dan to marry her.

I'm probably not what people expect.

Galileo first discovered that the Moon had mountains just like Earth.

His term of office as governor expires next January.


That's exactly what I needed.


The law's on my side.

She stayed there for a short while.

He labored to complete the work.

You haven't been a teacher very long, have you?

Does Marlena still keep in touch with Cole?

Gerald showed me some photos yesterday.

It was a stupid idea anyway.


Well, I should get going.

I know absolutely nothing about university.

I can't help you.

Your point may be a little off target, but it certainly is close.

I am proud of my son.


Who gave you permission to do that?

We have waited for you the whole day.

I've never actually been there, but I know where you're talking about.

I am attached to her.

Kerry said that he might never come back.

The salts and minerals found in these mountains are quite diverse.

I've gained five kilograms.

Is it possible to buy the book at the bookstore in Akita?

Dan was known to have high-powered weapons.

I waited for the curtain to rise with my heart beating in excitement.

Wondering if he came, I looked out the window.


They sat up all night.


Noam is fun to be around.

The moon is the Earth's satellite.

Can we please get this over with?

Brett came alone.

She fell asleep on my shoulder.

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I'm not completely convinced that what Krzysztof said was wrong.

I'm feeling drunk.

Only Ralph knows.

Whose bicycle did you want to borrow?

I am sorry to have taken up your valuable time.

The blue car is antique.

I'd like to see a play. Do you have any information?

What can't you do?

It's important, so I'll do it.

You can adjust game configuration options when starting the game for the first time

I want to vote.

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Stop bullying me!

Michael doesn't very often play.

We can't leave this here.


Idleness is only the refuge of weak minds.

In his pockets there is no pipe, no tobacco, and no tabacco tin either.

We must deliberate seriously on trade deficit.

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The children called Jingbai a mama's boy.


As far as I know, he's a nice guy.

The majority of what Dan is saying is correct.

How do you feel at this moment?

She slowly disappeared into the foggy forest.

It'll be easy to finish this job by Tuesday.

I think we're doing great.

What does your father do?

The theory is too abstract for me.

Huashi milked the cow.

Hy told me I was the one he wanted to talk to.

Before going home, I have a few drinks to relax.


If you're really in love, water tastes like expensive wine.


Kaj put up a notice about the change in price.


Santa is now on vacation.

A child's self-concept is how the child characteristically sees or feels about him/herself.

A text could be coherent but not cohesive, and vice versa.


I think it's him.

Hey, rust is eating away the metal.

She was nice to everyone.

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Few people are on a first name basis with the president.

Susan made a day trip.

Prices have been gradually rising in recent years.


Keep her from eating too much.

I must talk to you about what needs to be done.

Rod and Manuel both left the office early today.

We took a walk in a beautiful green valley.

Your parents ought to know it.

Do you want me to go and have a word with him?

I saw Sigurd dance once.

Phil really wanted to travel.

Send them in, please.

What do announcers do?

Happy is the child who has such a mother.

Bruce is my niece.

Liisa is regarded as the secret favorite.

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Sandip and Geoff played The Settlers of Catan last night.

Although most people thought of the Bible as a compendium of inspirational thought and Near Eastern traditions, an American school board wanted to declare it a science textbook.

Jane Goodall discovered that chimpanzees could use tools.

There are cherry trees on both sides of the street.

You had better take her advice.

The doctor is looking for medicine that is effective for this illness.

Mara needs to face the facts.

How do I fix this problem?

I think Manavendra is smarter than that.

Please keep this money for me.

I am thin.

Many animals have been destroyed by men.

Nils dropped his books on the floor.

I have a key.

Bradford isn't going to confess.

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She abandoned her children.

I think it's time to write one more letter to my mother.

The party went on walking to the next village.

Taurus is sleeping in his chair.

Let us speak.

Shatter will be so pleased.

The old lady believes him rich.

These goods are free of tax.

He's a quiet man, a little bald on top.

Just ignore what Syd said.

Stop or I'll shoot.

I can get the tickets for you.

I asked him to unlock the door.

The principle of this textbook is based on the communicative method.

The cat on the table is sleeping.

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That was the hardest thing I ever did in my life.

Tears gathered in her eyes.

I did you a favor.

I learned that while doing an essay on them at school.

Thank you, Teriann, but I'm okay now.

Brett turned on the lamp.

Ahmet only had thirty dollars.

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My son doesn't talk back these days; he must have turned over a new leaf.

I don't know why I have a cough.

Our bad luck was temporary.


I'm using this room as a storeroom.


Recycling paper is very important.

I'm going to get you to talk to Roxane.

What an interesting novel this is!

We should all help provide starving people with food.

Did you think of how embarrassing it would be for Skip?

I said it might rain.

The army is continuing its antiterrorist operation.

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I'm staying out of it.


How come you didn't say anything?

We elected Jane chairperson.

Piotr went to see Margot early yesterday morning.

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Excuse me; allow me to point out three errors in the above article.

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Murat didn't get what he wanted.


Most of the students are interested in finance more than industry.


You must choose between honor and death.


I've worked all night.

We're going dancing tonight, my dear. We're going to trip the light fantastic.

An ardent affection for the human race makes enthusiastic characters eager to produce alteration in laws and governments prematurely.