You look a little green around the gills.

You've got to find out what happened to Rajeev.

I never saw Rhonda before today.

I can't let you.

He is not guilty of murder.

Grant is going to regret doing that.

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The story of a great flood is very common in world mythology.


I don't feel like watching TV now.

Dannie's not in a good mood.

Brightening teeth is a multimillion- or multibillion-dollar industry.

The damage from the flood was negligible.

The farm grows potatoes.

Put it in first and slowly let out the clutch while you gradually accelerate.

It's time for me to go to bed.

Get away from the fire.

I'd prefer to die rather than see you crying.

I wanted a hamburger, but I restrained myself.

Would you care to join me?

I would have set aside the day for it if you'd told me ahead of time.

That's the only way up.

Keith went up to her room and didn't come down, even for supper.

Make sure you spill all your food and act inappropriately, so it seems like I'm there!

I'm coming to see you tomorrow.

Don't let them know that.

Different strokes for different folks.

I'll call.

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Certain religions are against organ donation.

I'll be in Boston for three months.

I ordered those books from Germany.

I am convinced that something is happening between them.

Naim's got a big mouth.

I've known Jim since we were children.

Cristopher walked out of the room.

Jeannette left his umbrella on the bus.

Betsy isn't picky about what he eats.

Amanda was wearing a new outfit.

I'd like to take my jacket off.

Bad weather discouraged them from going on a picnic.

It's a slippery one.

He looked asleep, but he was really dead.

That will be better than the factory.

I can't imagine what life would be like without you.

He took away what little money I had.

The distinction between hardcore soccer fans and criminals is becoming more and more undistinguishable.

How long are you going to live in Boston?


It's not going to be easy for me.

Do you know what benzyl acetate smells like?

Mayuko called me back.

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With your children away, you must have a lot of free time.

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There is snow on the mountain.

This park is pretty big; it has a lot of trees and many flowers.

I'm sorry if I woke you.


I'm in the band.


The church stands on the hill.

Joshua seems to be unfriendly.

Even though the accident was six months ago, my neck still hurts.

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Ford was poorly educated.


I'll follow Mick's recommendations.


Eleven o'clock is good for me.


There are no witnesses of the accident.

We'll wait until it's dark.

Wait and see.

A cat is not a person.

I think this will do.

The hole is two meters across.

It's a puzzle to me how you got through the locked door.

I called the police and reported that my car had been stolen.

She is highly talented and well educated.

Kriton was asleep in his room.

We still don't know what causes migraines.

I want to know who broke this window.

Don't get too near.

Do you want to try that again?

Hohn knows what it's for.


Many people buy things they don't really need on credit, without giving any thought to the fact that they'll have to pay it off one day.

War must be avoided at all costs.

This is a glass of water.

There's still other business to attend to.

I found the film very disappointing.


It was a weird game.

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She talked to the chairman.

It never hurts.

Pam and Alice are a legally married same sex couple.

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Don't quit.


Can I get you something?


I didn't need to pay for the food.

I've been giving that a lot of thought.

What do you think of this?

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Elvis often has headaches.

She is helping him.

Did they have what you were looking for?

They came home from school just now.

If you like, I can do that for you.


This book consists of five chapters.

Leigh needn't do it.

If you did that it'd make me happy, but there's also the Simon thing.


The viand prepared by Nanay is delicious.

The soldier took shelter in the foxhole.

I know Dominick isn't hungry.

He came across a wolf.

Lenora entered the room.


Neal has never been here.

Where are the soldiers?

I found him to be a bright boy.

I tried to talk to them.

I still don't write Chinese well.

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I really liked you.

It was huge.

You mustn't go out now. Why not?

Knute is pretty amazing.

Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.

Toby has a mid-Atlantic accent.

Don't make generalizations.


Why speak to them in their own country in a language they don't understand? Why don't you learn their language?

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It was a tragic accident.

You've found a good man.

The kittens are rolling.

Kee had become so frail and gaunt that it seemed she already had one foot in the grave.

It will not be long before the cherry blossoms come out.

I love to paint and draw.

She's strong and sexy.


Don't listen to the man.

The surface of a balloon is not an Euclidean space, and therefore does not follow the rules of Euclidean geometry.

Pratapwant promised not to tell Pierce about what happened.


Seenu adopted a new policy.

Duke plans to swim as soon as he finishes his homework.

That would be very sad.

He built an exact replica of Notre Dame Cathedral.

I fully agree with all of you.

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I'll pay you well.


The Taiwanese dollar appreciated, causing Taiwanese exports to slump.

It is impossible to finish this in two days.

I play center in football and basketball.

The true art of life consists in seeing the miraculous in the everyday.

Jim asked Hohn to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Let's not jump to conclusions.

They believed he was honest.


I don't know why I didn't think of that before.

I'm the one who should be doing this.

Nate botched the job.


To encourage conciseness the professor asked for a composition on a subject of our choosing and advised us that he would deduct one mark for each unnecessary word.

I think that's exactly what Sanity is expecting you do.

Li Bai's work is the most famous of Chinese poetry.

We shouldn't be lollygagging.

The Large Hadron Collider is the world's largest particle accelerator.

We tried to project our analysis into the future.

There were fifty persons in all.


They're listening.

We only get healed from a passion when we savor it till the end.

Until several years ago, I thought about nothing but work all day and night.

David's no good at small talk, and finds it hard meeting new people.

You don't realize its value until you have lost your health.

They lived happily ever afterward.

Get out of the van.

What kind of trouble is Miriamne in?

She went there to swim.

Roderick spends a lot of time at the office.

How thoughtful of you to have chilled some wine for us.

It's good that you were able to achieve your goals.

Nate helped us do that.

How can we best support learners to become balanced bilinguals?

I've had an extraordinary day.


We're separated.


Why are the longest sentences always the last ones to be translated?

We'll visit the old town.

The exact time is three now.