I give you everything you ask for, but you never seem satisfied.

I know Toby was unhappy.

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We respect them.


Archie still has wet hair.


Are you still in love with Phiroze?

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Women and girls would cross over the street rather than meet him.

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He must have abused the privilege.

Todd isn't so tall, is he?

The problem with our plan is not so much the cost as it is the time required.

I still think Francis is wrong.

He never listens to me.

All of them are successful.

Stewart, do you have your keys?


Why were they chosen?

I can't stand being looked at like that.

Esperanto is the most self-centered language in the world.


I've never seen the Eiffel Tower.


How was the dance?

How could Stanly have been so wrong?

Everybody loved her.

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She speaks German.

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Russell sells most of the vegetables that he grows.

Do you approve that?

Christopher Columbus did not find fame. It was fame who found Christopher Columbus.

I had a great time with Ronni.

I like the English language, but I don't speak it well.

Do you have any pictures I can look at?

She is good at skiing.

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The room wasn't cleaned by Kate.


You are not inspiring passenger confidence!

It's nothing but flattery.

We know little of this matter.

It will soon be New Year.

We ate some Swedish meatballs with gravy, potatoes, and lingonberry jam.

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Xueyou is holding a map of China.

Rudolph is in bed reading.

He will pass the coming examination.

You are old enough to know better than to act like that.

The criminal is not Bob, but his twin brother.


How much is the rent?


I couldn't sleep either.

That's not nice. Apologise to her.

Were you in the military?

The 15 million pound scheme to build 600 houses will make disappear those ghettoes.

Do you have other CDs?

I'm freezing.

I took no little pains to help him out of the difficulty.


"Let's go together to the forest," the wolf said to the lamb. - "Ok, Uncle Wolf," the lamb replied.

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Would you excuse us for a second?


Be careful not to tamper with it.

If you abuse your computer, it won't work well.

I hope you didn't have any trouble finding the place.

Explain your idea more clearly.

Hang in there. Don't give up hope.


What a lousy day!

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She is an actress.

When will human greed end?

She is five years old.

Shel wanted Philip to cook him dinner.

We don't like rain.

Acai berries have become popular.

In the first paragraph, she describes an idea of home.

What the devil can you do with this?

The lunch she brought to me was as delicious as rumoured.

Different people have different ideas.

If we didn't have any flaws, we wouldn't take such a great pleasure in noticing them in others.

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Warren has been married to Melinda for just over three years.

We haven't forgotten that.

Everyone knows it's true.

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Barbara has three times as many CDs as Morton does.

She told me "good night."

Dimitry is too nosey.


I know a place where we can sit down and talk.

Let's look into it.

First, he entered the room.

I think you should check under the bed.

I haven't told you this before, have I?


What the silkworm won't eat, the bug will.

Briggs wanted to make a lot of money.

Marek says that he always enjoys playing cards with Lui.

How barbaric!

Jess got out of the bathtub and dried himself with the new towel that Nichael had given him.

You're always around.

You're in so much trouble.

I thought I could smoke.

It all comes down to a question of money.

We expect him to come back soon.

I was freaked out.

Pria kept on walking.

It fits you like a glove!

The passenger train rammed into a freight train, causing the death of hundreds of people.

Stan threw the photos in the fire.

Marvin didn't understand your joke.

The two brothers embraced warmly.

She measured the length of the room.

I thought I saw Hunter in the park.

Don't laugh at him.

Adlai didn't mean to step on Giles's foot.

This is extortion.

I'm sending you funny videos.


He promised that he would never lie again.

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He is something like his father.


Today the teacher chose "Chinese culture" as a topic.

He's bulked up quite a bit since he's been going to the gym.

Let me come aboard.

The mayor of New York made an effort to streamline municipal government.

Do they know?


Bill had no idea what Pradeep was planning to do.


I have gained weight.

His office is convenient to the station.

We had a lot of fun together.

She likes all kinds of sports.

Jayant needs to update his website.

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Brad is still out.


Valeria said he wouldn't do it.


I said leave them alone.

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They speak Spanish.


Suresh let the prisoner escape.

I calmed down upon finding out that the operation was successful.

Jayant is prepared, isn't he?

He is running.

I need a good lawyer.

We'll be better off in the long run.

We were very tired at the time.

Some people gain weight when they stop smoking.

He equates wealth with happiness.


You can have breakfast between 7 and 9.

I got wet to the skin.

That's a safe assumption.

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Howard might hire Leila.

I never dreamed I would meet you here.

For your undesecratable deeds.


I was on the mountain.

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I'm too busy to talk to you now.

You're a sicko!

Mom was at a loss about what to do with the mess.

I realise the problem.

Johan was taken to jail.

Even when I recognize my room, my pet and myself in the mirror, I recognize I'm dreaming.

I finished the work by myself.

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He told me he would be here about seven.

She always cried sheerly.

She wrote down their name so as not to forget it.

Think before you print this.

There's food on the table.


Lori seems motivated.

I listen to everything.

He took his wallet out of his pocket.


The bed was too hard.

You'll never see it.

Maybe it's worth it.


Who do you want to talk to?

I spent three years in Boston.

I'll tell you the truth if you promise not to get mad.


There's nothing over there.

Radek knew that Clark was upset.

The affair ran more smoothly than we expected.