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If necessary, I'll come at nine tomorrow.

We're mounting it!

Where's my wallet?


The roof is glittering in the sunshine.

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He slowly climbed the stairs.

Why don't we go to see a film?

The murmur of the brook lulls me to sleep.

I hope that you'll be my friends.

I remember the dream I had when I slept in your arms.

I can't risk it.

Will you tell him I called?

It takes literally a minute to make the sauce.

Jamie is staying at a hotel.

We don't have this in Europe.

The king's son was kidnapped.

I still go there once a week.

I don't know when I'll be able to get back to Boston.


If you had studied harder, you would have passed the examination.

Compared to our house, his is a palace.

The villagers were kind to their visitors.

I understand you have a problem.

Pedro has no sisters.


We surrounded him.

He shaves daily.

We could sing together.

We were worried about him.

Trent said he wasn't interested.


Skip was shot in the arm.

He is sound in both mind and body.

She looks at me but I'm too shy to look at her.

Leith saw Skef's smile.

Morgan sat alone in his room, waiting by the phone.

Knute's signature is illegible.

How could I possibly forget about the task that you've entrusted to me?


Legitimate software applications from leading vendors are carrying an additional unwanted load. Together with their application, some of them change various browser settings as if your browser is theirs. Did you know that AVG, ICQ, Jookz, Babylon, ZoneAlarm, Incredimail just to name a few, tweak your homepage, default search and other settings?

Arthur made a cute snowman out of styrofoam balls and an old sock.

Monty wanted Spy to play tennis with him.

I was insulted.

Jagath has to listen to us.

If it weren't for her help, I would not be alive now.

It just seems like the right thing to do.

He is a professor of the medical department.

Juliane often helps me in the garden.

Part isn't very successful.

That sounds stupid.

I can't believe I'm stuck here in this room with you.

Celebrate the revolution memorial day!


I am looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


People seem more serious nowadays.

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Having graduated from college, she became a teacher.

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The Soviet troops started to withdraw from Afghanistan.

The flowers in the garden died from the absence of rain.

Can you use a computer?

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Rayan didn't feel he should do what the other children were doing.

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Dwight remains in custody.

I won't give you up.

Jews don't celebrate the holocaust, they commemorate it.

Many websites prohibit misleading usernames that imply an official role on the website such as "admin," "administrator," "webmaster," "system operator," "sysop," or "moderator."

Suddenly, Hiroko burst into tears.

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She's very cunning.


I helped Ramneek decide which car to buy.

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What have you been doing?

I speak to Tran every day.

That sounds like a fairly good proposal.

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Brendan glanced around.

Blayne was a kind and gentle man, well loved by all who knew him.

Do you know where the closest bathroom is?

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I'm a junior high school student.

My mother gave me a pearl necklace.

The dog ran after the ball.

I met a lot of nice people.

Norm wasn't around to see who won.

Carl must love his children very much.

Judy has three sons. All of them are doctors.

What made you change your mind?

That's not how it happened.

How long have you owned it?

Why are you working for her?

The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don't have.

The old people were taken good care of.

I've never been good at this.

Sometimes we forget to do things that need to be done.


This is not a fair act.


Are you responsible for all of this?

Hey, I was wrong.

It's quite urgent.

An interesting proposal. Need to think it over.

I should have listened to my mother.

Let's stop this fruitless discussion.

Are you glad to meet me?

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Shakil felt sorry for Ronni.

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You should take your car to Vaughn's Garage. He does a pretty good job.

Are there people who speak your language in public?

You are a good cook, aren't you?

It is most important to chew your food, whether vegetable or meat, before you swallow it.

Give me a few minutes.

God created all men equal but men think it differently.

You will not receive the gifts.

Can you hear them?

Mike said that he would come.

See you tomorrow at school.

Hamburgers have gone up this week.


I availed myself of a holiday to visit Tokyo.

You said that last time.

They don't know what they should do with the money.

I can't get her to help me.

They're making very sophisticated weapons.

Work pace is left up to the individual employee.

Every passenger is searched twice before boarding.

I can't make Dirk happy.

Did you find anything of interest?


Press freedom is advancing.

You were totally right.

"It's not my fault if you lose things." "But you stole them from me!"


Senpai, would you buy me some soft ice cream?

She doesn't know yet.

Can you give me a cup of tea?

You will be known by the company you keep.

Thanks for coming from so far away!

We lost it.

Irwin agreed with Harry's suggestions.

You know me well enough to know I wouldn't do that.

I didn't say I worked out.

I think I can help with that.

We're going to fight.

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The debate will continue.

Come on! I will best you.

Men are crazy about her.

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I wanted to know what would happen.

I don't like sand.

The patient finally conquered his illness.

They offered their sincere apologies.

He has long hair.


Randy could've saved me a lot of time if he'd told me about that earlier.

Here's a picture of them.

Thomas couldn't go on the hike because he wasn't feeling well.

The fireman could not extinguish the flames.

She wants to see what kind of student you have been in these years.


This young couple is in love.

The pursuit of truth is admirable.

He had to lead a miserable life for many years.

I'm not going to show any fear.

Great works are perfumed not by strength but by perseverance.

He has the possibility to work!

Omar and I keep in touch.

There are many old buildings in our neighborhood.

Don't worry about my dog. He won't do you any harm.

Kyle is already waiting.

I was in trouble with the police last night.

The doctor told Liyuan to stay in bed and get as much rest as he can.

Everett wants to become a teacher.

Teri could tell that Paul was pretty scared.

We were all worried.


How can we save Justin?

Did Lou give you back your pen?

The accountant would not concede the mistake.

I think it's a realistic fear.

She is going to wash the bike this afternoon.

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No one helped me when I was in trouble.

Isn't winning great?

He will do whatever it takes to reach his goal.

While he was talking, I guess I was absent-minded.

That's a copy.


This law will benefit the poor.

He disgraced himself by telling a lie.

She withdrew five thousands pounds in cash.

He solved the problem effortlessly.

I call her very often.