Heaven and hell exist only in the human heart.

I don't need a haircut.

Why would Merton be interested in collaborating with us?

Seals are clumsy and ponderous on land, but very graceful in the water.

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She has had to stay here.

Gregory gave Hunter a gentle push.

Sharan seems very happy and cheerful.

He said so to her face.

You must try to understand how Niels feels.

The band played marvellously under the baton of a new conductor.

What's your connection to him?

He cloaked his evil intentions with his friendly behavior.

Ronald said he had no reason to stay.

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Courtney wants to blame us.

One of the boys who died was named Kevyn.

We're in store for a recession.

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I wake up 6 o'clock but I get up 7 o'clock.

If you don't have anything to do, look at the ceiling of your room.

This room is used as a kitchen.

I don't know whether he will come or not.

We won't be able to get back to Boston until next Monday.

Sysko hangs around in secret pubs at night.

She asked him if she could go home.




Where are my gloves?


He was thinking of these three young men, his oldest playmates, with whom he had once played cops and robbers.


Buenos Aires is the city they visit the most.


It's a black tie event.

What are we all doing?

When I was a child, my mother would often read fairy tales to me.

My uncle now lives in comfort.

I assumed you were Canadian.

The baby's growth is normal for his age.

Education is an investment in the future.

I will stay at home when she comes next.

By no means may you cut out the pictures from the books on the bookshelf.

Kamel wanted to marry his true love.

Help me to make it grow!

I miss high school.

I've eaten the borsch.

The bank manager distrusted one of the cashiers.

A study reports that 53,000 Americans die each year as a result of secondhand smoke.

Knapper isn't like Skip.

Why are you assuming Susumu is behind all this?

I think it's time to take a break.

You're like them in many ways.

The man blew out his own brains.

I want to make it right.

We think Venice is a fascinating city.

Hsi has certain qualities you'll appreciate.

The price includes the consumption tax.

He wasn't in the mood.

It is an arid region, almost a desert.

I'd much rather stay with you.

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Did Nick find her?

I calculate he will be late coming home.

No matter how hard I try, I can't remember how to do it.

Jagath thinks that she's smarter than everyone. But she's not.

Roxie seemed to be in a good mood.


Can you play Jingle Bells?


Work quietly lest you disturb others.


She came here once again.

Just listening to that song makes me think of you.

She complained to him about everything.

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I don't want to fight with you.

Do you think Trying is in Boston?

We want to clean up our city.

What are you doing here on a Saturday?

Chinese is too easy to learn.

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Keep quiet.

Harry fell seriously ill.

She wept the entire night.

Sumitro has already been convicted.

He has a camera.

Ralf might've been able to tell us what we wanted to know.

I'd like to start with a song that I wrote.

Paquette was so happy and so pretty that everywhere she was called only "la Chantefleurie."

That's how I grew up.

I'll beat you up!

The child ran away because her parents beat her.

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This is much the most expensive car in the shop.

It includes widely varying organizations, people, and ideas.

Can you keep them there?

Some companies are still debating whether to get Internet access.

Winnie currently holds the school record for the 100 yard dash.

I saw Leith here yesterday.

We want them to go home.

I didn't say I persuaded them.

Please hurry, the bus is leaving already.

Is this a sign?

I thought you came to see him.

I'll take that matter upon myself.

Show Janice your bruise.

Just go about your business and don't keep looking at me.

I ate durian for the first time.


We are all looking forward to seeing your family.

For some reason it looks to be turning out to be a depressing week.

His report was truthful.

The main idea in his speech was unity.

Today our artificial satellites are revolving around the earth.


After countless burials of the hatchet, we always dig it up again. There doesn't seem to be any sign of an ever-lasting peace.

That's not what I came here for.

Would you like me to go?

Ramesh is watering the plants.

First impressions are lasting.

Patrice said he was poor.

Whoever comes will see me.


Do not look too much to others for help.


That absolves me from further responsibility.

Many couples these days are having divorce ceremonies, complete with divorce vows, conducted by professional civil celebrants.

The workers are against the new plan.

Have you ever been fingerprinted?

I won't go unless I have to.

I want to see baseball on television this evening.

Vilhelm burst out laughing when he saw Derek dancing a jig.

Whoever knows him well respects him.

What have we gotten into?


Sofia was the only one here when I got here.

I can't stand the sight of blood.

Donal still lives by himself.


How far is it from here to that station?

This is the book that my teacher recommended to me.

Just like you, I haven't slept in these trying days.


Wash your hands before each meal.

You can leave that to me.

I was waiting for him.


We're ready, aren't we?

Seven days of Saturday is all that I need.

Doesn't that make sense?

I had no sooner arrived in Kyoto than I fell ill.

I love the colors of food!


You deserve that.

Let's try to stay focused.

Can you smell that?

He got his chance to succeed.

It was horrifying.

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I need to get to school.

I hired them.

Richard is slowly catching up with the rest of the class.

It is OK for me to use that?

I thought I'd never be happy again.

Roland sorrowfully buried her son.

Read this passage.

It's not a class.

Jef is looking the other way.


Would you like to have a drink before dinner?

You can't just make up the rules as you go along.

How nice of you to come.

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My Latin teacher used to look down sternly on me over the rim of her glasses, but now I know it only had to do with the fact that she was wearing reading glasses and that she will have found it a nuisance taking them off all the time, so what looked like contempt towards us students might well and truly have been kindness.


It was late afternoon by the time we arrived in Boston.


When are you going to tell him?

He seems absorbed in his work.

Lorenzo spends too much time playing games.


She advised him to leave earlier.

There is a philosophical branch of Buddhism, and a religious one, and in each of them several tendencies have developed.

She concentrated on one thing.

Do I need a reservation?

Why doesn't Raif want to go?

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He's gotten so powerful in this town that he's become a law unto himself.


We can be there in an hour.

It'll stop snowing soon, I think.

I couldn't ask him for money.

Does Raj understand French?

I called Ravindranath's sister.

The old man is very kind.

That scarf is very becoming on you; the color really brings out your eyes.


America is the greatest country in the world.