He can speak French, and even more English.

What are they made of?


They slept under the stars.


He never saw Syd again.

Hail all faithful souls, whose bodies here and everywhere do rest in the dust.

The government is trying to bring things back to normal.


I am interested in computers.


The question is who'll do it.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

I can't believe I'm really talking to you.

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Tadpoles become frogs.

I must be there before 7:00.

Sugih makes me feel needed.

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I hope Arlene gets home soon.

All lost umbrellas turn into paper clips, as anyone can prove when finding these.

He lived deranged of all the troubles of our family.


That's why no one wants to work with you.

She has her father's eyes and her mother's nose.

I'm fairly certain that Stefan is innocent.


I wonder who Curt was talking to.

This incident is quite uncanny.

The bus is slow.

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It's not that I don't like to have fun - I don't have time.

I don't know.

I'm looking forward to seeing you.


You can't kill me.

What will you be reincarnated as?

People are living in all parts of the world.

Maybe I should go help him.

They are conventional in their judgement.

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The sun is farther from the earth than the moon.

Can you motivate people with "candies and the whip"?

We're not going out.

I'm from Tokyo, Japan.

She is easily moved to emotion.

Donald says that he's busy.

Kinch might know a little French.

I could've married them.

They are afraid to fly.

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The hall was filled to capacity.


Perhaps I should talk to them.


Words travel across the universe.


I hope the fog will go away soon.

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Far be it from me to criticize, but your dress is rather loud.

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Why blame us?

"Where's your tarantula?" "I don't know. I think she's somewhere in the apartment."

They have few books.

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Seen from a distance, the big rock looks like an old castle.


You are jealous.


After they had finished their work, they went out.

Where did you learn such a difficult word?

By the way, my English is absolutely hopeless.

Where has Matthew been hiding?

We had much difficulty in finding the bus stop.

We have to talk to you.

Kathryn had his fortune told.

What was Harold thinking?

I like French, but I can't speak it well yet.

I've been trying to find out what happened to James.

They won't tell us anything.

The British captured Breed's Hill.

Be careful with the way that you use the word "far" when describing distances. You can use it in questions or in negative sentences.

I hope that you will like it.

Let's hope it doesn't rain.


I am playing volleyball now.


He broke the door open.


My watch is running all right.

I don't know which of you is crazier.

The soldier raised the flag.

The planes flew over the village.

I'm glad you're staying.

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I've retired and I'm going to take it easy for a while.


I'm mad at him.


Who approved this?

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My father is going for a walk in the park.

I heard that the new English teacher is a handsome guy who looks like Ken Cruise.

You make my head hurt.

It seems that I often see mean and disparaging behavior towards individuals on the net.

Do you think I'm overweight?

I assure you this isn't just about money.

Is this the first time for you to have Japanese food?

Rogue put his hands into his pockets.

Teresa shaved off his beard and dyed his hair blonde, hoping people wouldn't recognize him.

Her parents both died.

You have to take care of the planet.

He arrived to the accident scene nine hours after the crash.

You knew me, didn't you?

He realizes that public officials are human, and that as human beings they are capable of misjudgement.

He's vile.

Interpreters mediate between different cultures.

He had a bit of a cold last night.

We could not find out her address.

I promise you a third of the profits after expenses.

I can't stand that nasty attitude of his any longer.

The temperature is below zero today, too.

Jianyun knows exactly how Scot feels.

I think I'm pretty good at that.


I got a season's pass to all the home games.

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I'm absolutely furious.

There's nothing left that needs to be done today.

I'm sure that's not the case.

We'd better find it.

He's asking you to help him.

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This is very, very important.

Have you paid your phone bill?

I really appreciate that you think of me that way.


You will probably succeed.


I had never seen Johnathan cry.

Paula likes to spend quiet time alone every day.

I went to Vienna for the first time last year.

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Let's hope they don't know we're coming.

Aki Yerushalayim is a cultural magazine written in Ladino.

Craig has never been there.


She worked long hours as a nursing assistant.


Later, in high school, I would take chemistry the way I took vitamin pills.

This restaurant serves authentic Neapolitan pizza.

I love your eyes.

On April 1, Nanyo Foods Co. Ltd. will move to its new building in Yokohama.

Keep the door open.

Is he your friend?

I live in Tampa at the moment.

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How can I get a bus here?

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I've gotten better.

This flower smells sweet.

"Ramiro, clean your room." "I'll do it later."

I want you to see her.

You had better prepare for the future.


There's an important difference between talking "with" someone and talking "to" them.

Did you pick up on that strange tone in his voice?

Let us go home.

On leaving school, we presented him with a table clock as a token of our thanks.

Moderation is a virtue.

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They were horror stricken at the news.

What's the future of Native American languages in the United States?

The bus stopped, but nobody got off.

Carolyn wished Peggy a happy birthday.

I just want to get home.

Emily is the brightest girl in school.

Harold couldn't sleep because of the heat.


What have we here?


Kerry doesn't hate people, he's just asocial.


She waved her hand to me.


He had the mind of a preschooler.

She played cards with Roy.

"I have to see him." "What for?"


That's a pretty big snake.

We had better not remain here any longer.

It was extremely hot, so I took my coat off.

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I had dinner with a friend last night.

I just got a job.

Please promise me that you will never tell a lie again.

Do you want me to teach you that song?

He took part in the meeting in place of his brother.

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Sally lost the contact lenses she had bought the day before.