What's Aaron been doing lately?

The patriot sticks to his moral principles.

They are in favor of the plan.

I just talked with him.

That's my boy!

Audrey and his wife tried to work out their problems.

The old man sometimes talks to himself.


Lonhyn is very skinny, isn't he?

My grandchildren attend this school.

Yesterday a fire broke out near my house.

Van owes Ned 300 dollars.

Do you accept credit cards?

I am in the grocery line.

There is a strong bond between the brothers.

What exactly was Venkata doing in the Australian Embassy?

Who's winning?

The cat ran away.

There used to be no freedom of the press.


She was sent to a mental hospital.


My cat is hungry.

The never mentioned you once.

We had some visitors yesterday.

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The car and seat number are written on the ticket.

My wife did not want to play chess with me.

"Oy, what's up, Tanji?" "I'm having trouble because there's a unit I didn't take at my last school."

The dancer's every move was perfect.

She's already forgotten about you.

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Rolf is eating lunch.

Be careful not to drive on the wrong side of the road.

I told him you already knew.

That is old news.

Sriram is the best drummer in Boston.

He asked a very good question.

Danielle said he was just interested in helping Gideon.

You can't really believe he's going to win the election.

The little girl grew into a beautiful woman.

Emet, we need more meat!

Did Pim actually say that to you?


The two cars almost met head-on on the way.

I'm going back home for Christmas.

I'm more loyal than I am mean.

But nobody believed me.

Daryl is the type of person who always has to have his own way.

Joyce had no idea Travis was sick.

I'm not angry.


Her hat matches with her shoes.

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Christofer put on his snow pants.


The electorate is largely uninterested in the lackluster candidates.

Would you excuse me for a moment?

Price is not an issue.

Dan was driving a huge pick-up truck.

Can I buy you dinner tonight?

There's somebody in there.

I wanted to switch channel, but my wife didn't let me.

He held on firmly to the branch.

Do you really think Knute is good-looking?

Bobby told Real his father died when he was thirteen.

The situation is different today.

I still think we should've gone to Boston with Miriamne.

In the development of Lojban, efforts were consistently made since the initial phase to keep the language culturally neutral.

There's nothing more we can do.

Mining is one of the main sources of wealth in Chile.

What do you need me to explain?

It's the third time I've eaten Japanese food, I love it!

Is Mats on board?

Let's talk later.

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I owe her 300 dollars.

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It will be over in a moment.


She looks just like an angel.


It wasn't Curtis who betrayed us.

This cooking technique has passed into oblivion.

You won't get away.

Is that in Uighur?

The bomb is armed.

Takeuchi and Marci went sailing together.

I've just wasted three years of my life.

I hope you can buy us some more time.

I have no one to go to for advice.

The sign said that we were thirty kilometers from the city.

You startled us.


The children watched TV while Jones cooked dinner.

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Bud is a fitness expert.

I would never ever betray you.

She's a real hottie.

Christophe is ridiculous.

I'm awake now.

You will fix it, won't you?

I finally stopped trying to persuade Dylan to clean his room.

Isaac had trouble finding a public telephone.

I don't want to see her today.

She's a Pisces.

I've been waiting for you for 5 hours.

Don't walk away from her.

Why is this only in French?

I just didn't want to be there.

She pointed out the mistakes I had made.

Write a paragraph by using adjectives to describe the person's appearance.

Having washed my skirt in the cold water of a spring, I sat a while.

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No one was excluded.

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Please tell her how sorry I am.

Jacob can't decide when he should leave.

There are many stars larger than our sun.

Find yourselves a seat.

Patrick and Kathy decorated the gym with balloons.

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I am a was, a will be, a tired being.

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His body shivered with excitement.

Her belief in God is unshaken.

Terry told Phillip she was seeing other guys.

There is only one interpretation possible for this sentence.

I packed his suitcase for him.


You're extraordinary.

He stretched his arm.

What did you get from us?

This used to belong to me.

When will you give me your answer?

You always tell me to think for myself.

This threatens to obliterate all the progress we have made over the years.

Everyone wants to be young and attractive.

I don't like that lawyer you hired for me.

What she says is very true.

The art of pleasing is the art of deception.

I felt like I could do anything.

I couldn't ask Mehrdad for money.

It's not very complicated.

I bought these medications for my father.

One of the items on your wishlist is on sale.

What do you want with me?


Revised is a dear friend of mine.

Manuel said I can ride with him.

I would go to the movies if I had the time.

This is an exact copy of the original.

My neck hurts.

The heaventree of stars hung with humid nightblue fruit.

Is this river shallow?

I'm not able to do any other work.

I like helping others.

How can I forget it?

We admitted that we were wrong.

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His book became an object of criticism.

We ordered some new books from abroad.

Alfred seems to want this as badly as Kirsten does.

Where did you visit them?

He is impatient to see you.


She speaks English and German.

I won't speak to them.

You're smarter than them.

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Lie on the examining table.

Have you been mean to Dalton?

They sued the government for damages.


He complained that his age was beginning to tell on him.


You should've never interfered.

Beth usually gets home at 6:00.

We know that you are not stupid.

She gave me a humorous account of her encounter with him.

We're still working on that.


Can you direct me to the post office?


She cannot be relied on because she often tells lies.

We need to get away from here.

The man that you saw there yesterday was Mr Brown.

He is very tall.

The couple wasn't able to produce the down payment for the loan.

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You'd better stay.

Our fanbase is growing.

Don't take her too seriously.

When she was thirteen, she ran away from home.

I don't agree with your conclusions.

She's determined to get back at her friend for stabbing her in the back.

I didn't go anywhere during the holiday.

You're humming.

What's not fair?