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The plane put down at Itami Airport on time.

I want to ask him for his phone number.

Ned came down to breakfast earlier than usual.

In many African countries south of the Sahara there is poverty.

Don't be so hard on Charles.


They had a child.

He was heartbroken from unrequited love.

I think Bryce should've stayed in Boston.

Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.

This device may come in handy.


I always knew you'd be back.

I am thinking of changing jobs.

Should we change the flag?

No matter how we try, it is impossible to distinguish good people from bad people by outward appearances.

When he woke up, he remembered the dream as a terrible experience, and from that day on, he started forgetting a great number of very important details of his life.

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I'm really looking forward to spending time with Casey.


Is that what you told him?

He interrupted our conversation.

The accident happened late at night.

Let's be fair.

Oliver hit the nail right on the head.

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We recognized them.

It's ten o'clock sharp.

Do you know where his keys are?

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It appears that he is a musician.

Dan persuaded Linda to return with him to London.

I told Trent it was time to quit.

What ever do you want with me?

I didn't have enough money to buy everything you asked me to buy.

Can you take this letter and drop it in the mailbox?

He is not a student.

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To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing.

I take a bath once a day.

Want to know?

I would like you to assist me with my gardening.

Where is the pain?

Hey, your dog just bit me.

Marsha was shot through the forehead.

He is now writing a sister volume to his novel.

She liked that.

He is very slow at making friends with anybody.

When the storm was over, we began to make preparations to leave the port.

Ritchey lost his way.

Washington's neocons believe that there is a "clash of civilizations" that they're going to win.

I'll do whatever it takes to get you back.

Kate is dressing her doll.

Why are you wearing short pants?

Why don't you go and join them?


It scares me to death.

Jose knew where his car was.

Please don't listen to her.

That was legit.

They want you back at the office.

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If you wouldn't mind, I could use a hand.

I could sure use your help right now.

I remember hearing the story once.


He adds examples in Russian.

I would define, in brief, the poetry of words as the Rhythmical Creation of Beauty.

Without the slightest doubt!


Dry your tears, my child.


I'll get some glasses.

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Dori's friends laughed at Ragnar's joke.


I can't help you today.

Helen came in this morning looking happy.

Antony was happy tonight.

Thank you for your instruction. It really helped.

Carter's personality is similar to Jacques's.

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Kyle is trying very hard to get that done before 2:30.

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Will you give me your radio for my bicycle?


Don't forget to ask the seller if the jumper can be put in with the washing.

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Only one careless mistake cost the company millions of dollars.


He's the group leader.

I can't make sense of these sentences.

In this shop we sell meat.

I'm not drunk.

What percentage of the people speak three languages?


Why is he hiding under the table?

Sit tight for a second.

Peter and Denis said they were happy.

I'll ask him to join you.

That was Seenu's cousin.

I deserve to know the truth.

We're not where we want to be.

The service here is awful.

He reads novels every day.

Ofer began to talk.

She's my stepmother.

I've never been there, but I think it's past that traffic light.

The batteries are dead.

New York City policemen wear navy blue uniforms.

We made a couple of mistakes.

Skeeter is the one who's rich.

She works as an assistant to the manager.

The doctor cured him of his illness.

Emmett and Trying fight with each other all the time.

Hoist the sails!

I used to discuss things with Eric.

This will change your life.

We have an elevator and a private bathroom.

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The inscription carved into the rock is from the sixth century B.C.

I prefer dogs to cats.

Where were you last Monday?

I'm not going out.

You can't get anything for nothing.

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It tasted really good.

He is an economizer.

My hands and feet have got as cold as ice.


Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter, Sermons and soda water the day after.

Be punctual.

During the Depression in the 1930's, many wealthy people lost everything in the stock market crash.


It can't wait.

The policeman arrested him for drunken driving.

Do you ever wear a tie?

What's wrong sweetie?

I can see you've done your research.


I wear a hat whenever I go outside.

You didn't teach me.

Sometimes I can't help showing emotions.

You can call me at any time you like.

Can you meet me in the auditorium?

Sean didn't want to answer the question.

Is there any chance that Marcia won't get here on time?

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It's my fault. I know that.

Who could like this?

Penny told me that he's seen that movie three times.

What's your favorite song to workout to?

Rainer was the only one there for me when I really needed someone.

She has pearly teeth.

Elliott is smart.

Jeff, could you come into my office?

I will repeat so that you will not forget it.

The spokesman explained the blueprint of the scheme to the press.

I wish I spoke more French.

They called their son John.

The number you have called is not in service.


This word is really beautiful.

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I want to talk to her first.


Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

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I haven't eaten at my grandmother's house since I was a kid.

Can someone accept that phone call?

The revealed his secret to us.

I still try to be careful.

Rajarshi looked at the clock on the mantelpiece.

The cat was stuck in the tree.

It's a polytechnic engineer.

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He took a risk when he helped me.

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These two pairs of pants are made from different materials.

Clifford seemed really sincere.

There's no sign of any damage.

I met him by accident at the airport yesterday.

I'm sick of this game.

The Tequila Sunrise is made with orange juice, tequila, and grenadine.

I put away 10 dollars each month.


Bring wool socks for the mountains.

Can you open the window?

So, what do you mean?

My dream is to buy a Lamborghini tractor.

I'm in charge.

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I took a day off last week.


Lie on your left side.


Just like humans, the eyesight of dogs gets worse with age.


She said she was of two minds as to whether to go or not.