We're just like brothers.

The army besieged the castle for many days.

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Judy brushed her hair and put it in a ponytail.

I'm planning to study tonight.

I know you like what Lin gave me.


Gil made this for me.

It's not as bad as all that.

Don't forget to see me tomorrow morning.

You are so childish sometimes.

Ah! How serene is this temple!


The children soon became attached to their new teacher.

It all happened very fast.

You should use words to make sentences, rather than try to learn them with rote memorisation.

What do you think of my new coat?

They're all watching us.

We parted the best of friends.

Tel Aviv is a beautiful city.


Thanks for your support!

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Sure, Clem, I understand.

I've lost my pin number!

Comrade Clark fell in love with comrade Herve.

We should do more.

There was a banner on the wall that said "Happy Birthday."

That won't happen.

I won't be at the opening ceremony.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

I was trying to help her.

The city is found west of London.

It began to rain as we came near the pass.

Why don't you try to get some rest?

Let's get out of here before the police come.

He had to share the hotel room with a stranger.

What with overwork and what with little sleep at night, he fell ill.

My present is better!

He slid his arms around her and kissed her.

Ron has had a lot to drink.

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Did he do such things?

Above all, I take care of my health.

Why doesn't the list of languages include Maltese?

What's the accusation against him?

Vicky is saving his money up to start a business.


What I need is a drink.

The water rose to a level of 10 meters.

Takeuchi ran as fast as his legs would take him.


I didn't cause the explosion.

Don't kill too many birds and animals on earth.

Gerard didn't seem surprised to see me.

I'd like to hear you sing your new song.

Spyros and Vinod must have something in common.

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Why don't we share a room?

They did what they promised to do for us.

I am not eating my salad, because I prefer chocolate.

That man is completely drunk.

Apparently, from what people say of me, I'm volatile, self-obsessed, and, on top of that, I don't play well with others. Sorry, it's just it's all getting to be a bit much.


Don't be such a sentimental idiot.

The hill is always green.

How will you do that?

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I was thinking about them.

Surya hardly ever studies after 10:00 p.m.

They may yet be happy.


He has a fever of 102 degrees.

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Taxation is based on income.

That's good news to me.

Is it correct to say that the Qur'an is the bible of the Muslims?

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I'm opposed to what he said.


I don't see anybody inside.

Sridhar gave the report in person.

My father won't allow it.


Honesty doesn't pay.

I love to play my guitar.

Tell me you're not afraid.

Robin doesn't have many clothes. That's why you always see him wearing the same thing.

No. I don't know. It's a lot of things.

What time does my flight arrive?

Even though the weather was fine, I gave him my coat as he was going out.

Think carefully before you promise anything.

Arnold persuaded Joni to try bungee jumping.

She is a doctor.

Kendo involves dueling between two people who are each equipped with a sword-like stave made of bamboo.

After long consideration, Beth decided to major in mechanical engineering.

Where did my driver go?

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You'll never know how much this means to me.

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They didn't speak English very well.

I am delighted that it's all come to an end.

It is the calm before the storm.

You're tired this evening.

We haven't done anything.

With more education, he would have found a better job.

She is waiting.


Your room gets more sun than mine.

Think has been giving you bad advice.

It never occurred to me that my words would hurt her feelings.

I don't feel like studying today. Let's go to a soccer game.

The policeman aimed his gun at the man.

He abhors violence.

I haven't eaten anything in six days.


You believe what I'm telling you, don't you?


I have a good idea in my mind.

Why don't you just call Frances?

I want a doctor who can speak French.


She's a complete joke.


Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

The teacher demonstrated many physics experiments.

I've finished reading the book I was reading.

I want to live in the city.

It's important to me what you think of Reid.


His name is Michael.

I think you've got me confused with somebody else.

Don't do what Cathryn tells you not to do.

Happy 2014 to all my family and friends.

Leon won't be home for lunch.

There were no volunteers for the job.

Les has had special training in this field.

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Marilyn may say something.

I really miss my boyfriend.

Cris and I were both busy at that time.

Why did I read this?

Pamela weighs about 300 pounds.


The girls who go, sickle on their shoulders, to cut alfalfa for the rabbits.


You made the holes deeper.

Francois is satisfied.

Gideon tasted the wine.

Mongo likes the sciences.

Are you feeling sick?


I want to know if you will be free tomorrow.

Where should I put it?

William is alone.

I feel welcome here.

The chances are that you can pass the test.


A lot of people want peace all over the world.

Lloyd, will you cover for me?

I bumped into an old friend for the first time in ten years on the Shinkansen the other day.

Left alone, the baby began to cry.

Fix the clock.

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They remained in Tennessee.

Do you know what fear is?

Geoff and Ralph have three children.


I thought you were a nurse.

Ric was sitting alone in his room.

She is very biased against abstract painting.

It's hard to say no to you.

Ssi lives somewhere around here.

I gave you explicit instructions not to touch anything.

I've analyzed the liquid.

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Someone took my place.

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Freedom of speech was tightly restricted.


He supported himself with a stick.

I don't really know what you mean.

We've been helping them.


A cow is a useful animal.

Where were you loafing?

He just won't listen. Talking to him is like talking to a brick wall.

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He does not run as fast as I.


It is said that the dog is man's best friend.

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He has two sons that don't go to school yet.

He met Hume.

What you have done is absolutely inexcusable.

Do you think it's worth something?

Who do they think they are?

She loves flowers and plants.

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.