What are we celebrating?

A lion's teeth are sharp.


Don't sic a dog. He might bite you.


How large is your family?


Not even a single person survived.

I really don't want to clean my room.

This elevator is capable of carrying 10 persons at a time.

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He is to blame for the failure.


Geoffrey actually held the door open for Phiroze.

The prisoners are in chains.

My father's death from cancer challenged me to take up research on it.


I followed Matthew back to his camp.

Charlene caught Blake before she fell.

When I first laid eyes on Granville, I knew he was different from any other man I'd ever met.

Nothing can stop him.

The plan has been generally accepted.

I don't tolerate incompetence.

Pim is quite careless.

I'm Merat's new assistant.

They set aside her objections.


Denmark has one prison.

She is no less clever than her sister.

A dog bit me this morning.


I'd appreciate it if you would turn out the lights.

He has a brother and two sisters.

It wasn't a stupid idea.

Casper needs to know what's going on.

Come back here, you coward!


I never noticed before that you're taller than me.

I had to work on an essay.

What could've happened to Per?

It would be a good idea if I went.

Somebody poisoned them.

You don't want to see this, do you?

We get by with our small budget.

Strange rumors are going around.

Micky had a fear that he would fall down.

What was the result?

You're stupid!

Well may she admire her father.

Look, your shoelaces have come undone.

I thought Marsh was my friend.

The telephone is now out of order.

I used to think that witches were real. Today I know they are real.

Timo must've practiced that a lot.

How old were you when you had your first girlfriend?

He sat on the bed.


Such a thing can't happen in Japan.

I might ask Clay what happened.

Where did you two meet?

Rick did have fun.

I have to run away.

The teacher joked that she was 90 years old.

I will never marry you again.

She cleaned the house all by herself.

They're all fine, thank you.

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I don't see how you can still be a Native American if you have lost your language and culture.

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I want some money.

Just don't let it ever happen again.

When was the last time you played a board game?

Holly is dead drunk.

I missed seeing that movie. Did you see it?


Not a few foreigners like Japanese food.

Are you dating him?

Money freed him.

We can see you.

He started talking with his neighbors.

I hate people who talk like that.

I don't have to tell you what this is, do I?

They smiled at him.

I didn't need to go to Boston.

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I dropped my keys.

We think we're too early.

Move over, will you?

Indicate the applicable numeral, by holding up the corresponding number of fingers.

My advice would be to avoid Stuart today.

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Amedeo came into the classroom three minutes after the bell had rung.

She was wearing a mink coat.

I've come to apologize.

I called on Judy.

The sky is big.

I get paid a lot to do what I do.

I haven't used this very much.


I've got diarrhea.


What does it remind you of?


The origin of the universe will probably never be explained.


A good run is better than a bad stand.

Harry fell seriously ill.

You hate spiders, don't you?

What seems to be the problem, officer?

I'll take these roses.


Dan found out that Linda was wanted.


You're a man now.

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The ancient Romans founded colonies throughout Europe.

That is not my big house.

Beware of dog.

I could not convince him of his mistake.

This rose smells so sweet.


Jesper seems reluctant to go.

I'm in good health.

I think Donna should go home.

I have a serious skin problem.

We all want something.

Lar is very helpful.

Takeuchi is very wise.


That will do.

Did you tell him you were joking?

Mott wants your answer and he wants it now.

Our children like dogs, but I prefer cats.

Saul is a gangster.

You may stay with me for the time being.

Les Jackson is the deputy director.


"Shall I carry your bags?" "I'm good, thank you."

Our dorm's having heater problems.

I have some questions to ask, but I don't want to bother you now.

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If someone could tell me why this happened, I'd appreciate it.

How many classes do you have on Saturdays?

My father consented to my going abroad.

I think he was angry.

I never stopped loving you.

He came back, and it rained soon.

Aldi is a German discount supermarket chain.

His understanding of logic is abysmal.

There is a message for you.

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This tree bears no fruit.

Young Tanaka is the stupidest person in the department.

Jacob was the only one drunk at the party.

What should I tell Bud?

I have to go through the task by tomorrow.

We should do our best to make things different.

We've been married for 30 years.


He's as sweet as can be.


We have a visitor.

He said good-bye to the family.

Asia is much larger than Australia.

I knew all about that.

We watch television.


I thought everyone was busy.

There is a tinge of red in the eastern sky.

How do you go to school every day?

Our house is large enough for five of us.

Dave took a taxi to the station.

Magnus wants a better percentage of the profits.

I need to take Kevyn to the hospital.

She is appearing on TV tonight.

People came to drink orange juice more and more.

You're better off without Werner.

Maybe Leo was distracted.

We weren't surprised at all.

Leave a double space after each sentence.


I caught Doyle.

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King is nibbling on a carrot stick.

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I informed Matthew that I wouldn't be attending the meeting.

Yes, it hurts.

I haven't seen him yet.


How afraid I was when I opened the door!

I want to go somewhere quiet.

Izumi cried out for help.

Dennis's birthday is the same as Dannie's.

I am lazy.

Filled with sorrow, the girl looked him in the eye.

I'll be able to help you.


The house on the corner looks empty.

I'm missing you.

A grasshopper and many ants lived in a field.