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Top Ten Signs You Have Been Spending Too Much Time Web Surfing

  1. You have a legit panic attack when you can't reconnect to your WiFi network.
  2. Going to the movies counts as having a "break from technology".
  3. Whenever you find a penny or dollar bill, you hear that "Congratulations! You've won!" voice inside your head.
  4. You've become very territorial about your computer.
  5. It's been months since you've had a conversation about something you didn't find online.
  6. You get nervous if you're going somewhere without Wi-Fi.
  7. You've lost days staring at your laptop.
  8. You have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and you are under 30.
  9. You speak in internet such as hashtagging and lol.
  10. You can’t have an argument without Googling something to prove a point

Ten Signs You Are A College Student

  1. You are in a perpetual state of exhaustion.
  2. Your to do list keeps getting longer and longer and longer.....
  3. You give up on adulthood at least 10 times a day.
  4. You want to skip class but you also want to go to class.
  5. You skip class to catch up on another class.
  6. You drink coffee more than water.
  7. You pull all-nighters way too often.
  8. You think free food is the best food.
  9. You nap wherever you can.
  10. You can and can't wait for summer