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Welcome to the Davies' Home Page. I have had a website for many years and I have finally taken the time to redesign the site. I hope you like the new look.

Why do I have a personal site? I am not one to write letters and I never seem to get one of those annual Christmas letters written. I think a web page is a more interesting and fun way to share with friends and relatives what is going on in our lives. Since creating my site I have found it has had an unexpected benefit. I have gotten emails from people across America and even some from Europe. It has been terrific to correspond with these new friends about places I have been or about similar interests.

The links under the section "Links to Personal Pages" break down into four categories. Trips, my Star Trek hobby and links to other family websites.

For many years, my web page had a link to my first Java program, an elevator simulation. When I moved it I got email asking what happened to it. So, I have therefore added it back to my home page.

My primary job involves writing and designing software for web based applications. On the side, I teach and develop software for companies that need additional help but can not afford a full time person with my qualifications.

I am excited to announce my first iPhone app. It is called Celebration Tracker and you can read about it overyoung.

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I can be contacted at

Our thoughts and prayers are with our soldiers defending liberty around the world.

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