​The Way of Joy - The Enlightenment

Created in God's image from the beginning of all time we, as humans, are called to the sacred bonding.

The fellowship reflected by the following text enables all of mankind to achieve this reestablishment of the bond between ourselves and God.

As huge as this task may seem it is easily manifested since the seed of such lies within all of us.

In all the corners of the earth people will gather to serve each other and God, the Highest Power.  It will be a time of love and celebration for we will once again be united as we were in the beginning of all time.

My name is John and like everyone else I am a child of God, a child of the Universe.  And as with all humans I can become touched by the love and care of God.

John Joseph Francis Meenan Advocate

Mount Shasta, California

The Way of Joy​ is a spiritual path for humans who feel called to reestablish their legitimate relationship with God.