dwm is my window manager of choice.


His success was mentioned in the paper.


His brother is always watching TV.

The pond dried up in hot weather.

Gerard threw the baseball to Louiqa and she caught it.

These photographs remind me of our holiday.

I don't know if that's it or not.


The police asked the criminal to give up his gun.


Albert doesn't talk a great deal.

We'll figure it out.

She was blind, deaf, and dumb.

Throw the papers in the basket.

This book has few, if any, misprints.

I've finished writing the letter.

Why are men never happy? Because they always want the impossible.

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It isn't strange that the number of children decreases, too.

Stefan has a good reason for being absent today.

You just don't get it.


The interest amounts to NOK 3,000 a year.

Everybody is bound to obey the laws.

I can't believe that he is that depressed.

What's the minimum salary in Ghana?

Why did you wake me up to tell me something that big? Now, I'll never be able to concentrate on my work!

How many Spanish words did you learn yesterday?

I realized it was a mistake as soon as I did it.

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I have to move on.


Is everyone busy?


A work like "In This House of Brede," which tells the story of a successful businesswoman who enters a convent in middle life, is as interesting--and for the same reasons--as a story that takes place on a planet orbiting a distant star.

The suitcase contained nothing but dirty clothes.

My wife and I hope to get away for a week during the Christmas break.


She is beloved by everyone.

He was very vulnerable after his divorce.

I'm a stranger here.


Rakhal isn't well.


Wayne took heaps of photos on his holiday.


Did that have any special significance?

He was seduced by Eugene.

The law obliges us to send our children to school.

The master of thriller has left the scenario forever.

My heart broke at the sight of the dying birds.

We want meat.

I have complete confidence in Meehan and his abilities.


Olson is my ex-boyfriend.

All of my kids went to Boston to visit my parents.

She was very happy.


My father does walk.

After hearing the tragic news, he went outside to be alone.

He would sit and look at the sea for hours.

Yumi went there alone.

That poor slob began and ended his career as a district policeman.

Nancy went to London as well as Paris.

I'm a little busy now.

He played a hose on the burning hotel.

Is this the book you're looking for?

I don't have enough money to buy a new bicycle.

No need to apologize; I understand.

Are you seriously ill?

Have you ever sold a car?

As you wish!

At what time are you coming back?

I swear it wasn't my fault.

She calculated that she had earned 1,500 dollars.

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We'll go along with your suggestion.

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I don't care what you want.

Why does Syd have to go?

We need to DRY out the code.

I shouldn't have backed down.

Could you talk to her for me?

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I did not lose my mind, I sold it on eBay.


Many young girls like that singer.


Their conversation went on.


You're frightening the guests.

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Would you do it for us?

The population of the world is increasing very fast.

Nick wants to quit.


What if he comes back now?


We didn't go to Boston last year.

The party went off beautifully.

Please take me home tonight.

I'd like to have more time to talk with you.

Jochen is older and wiser now.

She was not seriously injured.

We've never seen Gale this angry before.

The boy runs quickly.

Have you finished reading the book I lent you last week?

We chose John to be our captain.

Brender had a rule not to kiss on the first three dates, but this rule went out the window when she met Sabrina.

I'm getting tired. It's your turn to drive.

I want permission to go home early.


You should've seen us dance.

Our teacher demonstrated the experiment in chemistry.

Lindsay pointed a finger at Pia.

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Even though she is seeing someone else, I won't give her up.

We don't know what dark matter is made of.

No matter how things go, let's stay together.


Everybody loved them.

Countries differ in culture.

What is the height of Mt. Everest?

Jinchao liked it immediately.

The children were barefoot.


What's drinking? A mere pause from thinking!

He's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I wouldn't want you to think I wasn't happy to see you.

How fast he speaks English!

He went too far.

The Seattle-based outfit plays indie rock and electronic music.

Is he really the man you're looking for?

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Tait wondered what happened to his old truck.

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It means that he likes you.

We must talk privately.

He's a smart little feller.

He's so racist.

He saw a UFO flying last night.

What he's saying is actually true.

Love is the answer. But while you're waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty interesting questions.

I want guards posted here.

He didn't like city life.

These blouses are long sleeved.

What does Sidney owe you?

She almost drowned.

We need to change course.


What happens in my head stays in my head.

This Publix is always crowded.

Come on, Winnie, I'll race you.

Julius is under pressure to find a solution to this problem.

You look like some kind of secret agent or something!


Isn't that astounding?

He sat at the table with his chin cupped in one hand.

No swimming.


Juri convinced Nathaniel to start studying French.

Stay right here.

Can you see the woman standing behind Kayvan? That's Kenneth.

He argued me into going.

Mosquitoes consider human beings a dangerous but necessary source of nutrition.

We lamented his death.

Sergiu has trouble expressing his true feelings.


He will look after the cats for me while I'm abroad.

This is just between you and me, he is a big eater.

You've known me thirty years.

Actually, it's hard to explain.

We promise better service in the future.

He began with a joke.

Kenton is at peace now.

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Start at once, and you will catch the bus.

I'm positive it was Everett I saw at the park.

Take good care of her.

Is that your real name?

Yes, it's true, but he doesn't need to know that.


He is rude, lazy, a runaway.

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Did you write that?

Stanley is on the road.

Pierette witnessed the murder.

Gregge let me pick the songs we're playing tonight.

Russian is hard to learn, easy to lose, and impossible to forget.

They are disappointed with each other.

I dozed off in the train and slept right past my station.

On main menu from this DVD there is no 'play the story' button.

Last night, he asked if you were well.

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Mom was at a loss about what to do with the mess.


Did you know that Plastic's grandfather died of a heart attack?