Industrial Cloud Based Data Collections

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Scaltrak is always avalible, no need to reboot your software or worry about restarting you servers

Cloud Database

With our cloud database we can scale along with you data needs.


Use only the modules you need, turn on or off each module as needed

User Management

Control access to each module and reporting through our easy to use user management interface

Realtime Reports

Get reports in realtime, and access them whenever and wherever


Get text based or email alerts when certain events happen. This way you are always on top of your daily production goals.

Scaltrak Modules

Scale software modules for all your needs

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Counting Scale Software

ScalTrak Count

Our highly customizable piece counting software make its easy to check production counts when needed. Our software will prompt the user if the counts are off and if parts are out of target specifications.

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Vehicle Scale Software

Scaltrak VST

We provide truck scales along with ScalTrak VST that will keep your operation running smoothly. Track trucks throughout your facility, weight in and weight out trucks and print customized tickets.

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Simple Scale Commnucation Software

ScalTrak Com

If your looking for software that just commincates to industrial scale and record software we also go you covered. We can provide a full range of scale drivers that talk to most industrial scales.

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